Three ways to style mom jeans

Three ways to style mom jeans

Style 1
Crop top // Jeans // Platform Heels

Style 2
Bodysuit // Jeans // Lace Up Heels

Style 3
Shirt // Jeans // Belt // Heels

Some women think that it is difficult to style the mom jeans, but it actually isn’t! I think mom jeans can look so chic if they are styled the right way, so here you got three ways to style mom jeans! I myself got some mom jeans from Levi’s which actually is mens jeans, but whatever! They look so good! Another example of mom jeans could be these from ASOS which is a bit more affordable. I prefer when mom jeans is high waisted and are rolled up at the ankles.

In the first style I chose to style it with a crop top, which I think is a very good go-to style! You can style it with any crop top you want! Some other ideas for a crop top could be this turtleneck one. But again, you can style it with any crop top you want! In style two I chose another go-to style after my opinion. I styled the mom jeans with a bodysuit because I also think that any bodysuit could go with a pair of mom jeans! Examples of other bodysuits could be this ribbed one or this one with laces, so sexy! Another outfit could be with a simple shirt like in style three. To max up the outfit a bit more, I paired it with a leopard belt. Another shirt to style the mom jeans with could be this shirt with badges! It is super cool! I’m simply in love with everything with badges or embroidery!

That was my three styling tips for mom jeans, but remember: there isn’t any right or wrong way to style them! Style them the way you wan’t to! Slay with those jeans! <3

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