Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Well, let’s jump right into this review of the Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills! When I first saw the pictures of it on instagram I was like “I need this!”, so I bought it from their site. On their site it retails for 45 usd which is actually a good price for six highlighters. The Glow Kit is now also available at cult beauty for us who live in Europe. I think the colours of them are so gorgeous! Especially the white one called Snow, it is so perfect for my see-through skin colour hahah.

I think these highlighters swatch so beautifully – se my swatch video on my Instagram – so I could not wait to get them on my cheekbones! I applied the beautiful Snow with my Real Techniques Contour Brush and i actually like the product. I’ve heard so many say that they didn’t like them but I really think that they’re awesome! If you’re into the more natural highlighters then this product might not be for you, but if you – like me – really like to shine like a star then this might be for you! I’ve heard that many think that they’re not as fine as her other Glow Kits, but because I don’t own any of her other Glow Kits I can’t tell you my opinion on that. One thing i like about the packaging is that the text “Glow Kit” actually glows in the dark! I just love that feature!

Would I repurchase it? I probably would because I like the highlighters and really feel like they make me pop! You can make them work if you want them to look more natural; just dab over the applied highlighter with a damped beautyblender! That worked fantastic for me.

I want to update this review with my new “review grades” where I rate the product with hearts. I feel like giving this product 4 out of 5 possible hearts, where 5 is the best.

The reason for this has nothing to do with the formula or packaging as I love both of them. The reason why I give this grade, is because of the shades. There’re not many shades for us pale makeup lovers. Snow is the only shade I will say will work for you no matter how pale you are. I also fell like I can make White Sand and Amber Gold work on my skintone alone, but what I like to do is mix Snow with the other highlighters on my face. So first I will maybe take Sunray and put it on my cheekbone and then afterwards put Snow over it. This is something you can do with any highlighter to make the shade a better fit for you!

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