My new year resolution for 2017!

My new year resolution for 2017!

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Happy New Year everybody! I’m so sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted anything, but right now I am studying for my January exams and got the first one the 10th in this month so I got a lot going on!

Today I wanted to chat with you about my new years resolution! I always make one.. I don’t know why but I never feel like I keep up to them hahahahah. But this time I really want to make an effort! This year my new years resolution is to get healthier! I fill my body with a lot of junk and candy but now I want to make a difference! I might not be the most unhealthy human in the entire world hahah, but I really want to eat more vegestables and fruits while I also want to cut down on the junk I eat. It’s not like I’m never going to eat sweets again, but just not as much! My boyfriend is also with me in it which I think is going to make it a lot easier because we live together and eat the same stuff.

I also want to become a little more focused at the gym. I have been working out the last 3-4 years now and have seen some results – I got giant thighs when I flex hahahah. I think I haven’t seen so that many results because of my diet. The diet is like the most important thing so if you got a shitty diet there won’t be many results. I also supply my diet with protein powder which I have been doing for the last year. I didn’t do it when I first started working out – which I regret – but I lived at my moms house and didn’t want any complications because of some protein powder – I do not know if there would be any, but I didn’t dare to take the risk hahah. Now I know that she also know how important proteins is because she is working out herself. A protein powder I really enjoyed is the Bodylab Whey 100 in the flavour Ultimate Chocolate which you can find here.

That was my new years resolution – let me know your’s in the comments!

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