How to clean your beauty blender and brushes

How to clean your beauty blender and brushes

Brushes & sponge from Real Techniques

When applying makeup you need clean tools. Brushes and sponges contain lots of bacterias, which you don’t want to put on your face. In this blogpost I will show you how I like to clean my brushes and how I remove the foundation stains from my sponge while cleaning it! Lets start out with the brushes!

All you’d need is some soap and something to clean your brushes on. For soap I like to use some baby shampoo or a very gentle soap without perfume. I clean my brushes on the little pink egg thing you see on the picture above, this one I got from eBay and it is super cool and clean my brushes to perfection! All you do is stick your fingers in it and swirl your brushes on the textured site. Apply a tiny amount of soap to your brushes, then swirl them around under temperated water, apply a bit more soap if needed. Keep going until they’re clean! When you’re finally done washing your brushes you need to let them dry which has to be done with your brushes hanging upside down. You can also lay them on something so the water can run out. It is very important to dry them like this otherwise the water will dissolve the glue the brissels are stuck to, which would destroy your brushes 🙁

I think this method applies for every kind of sponges, I have only tried it with mine from Real Techniques – if you try it then let me know how it went! Okay, so now all you need is a little bowl, some soap (use the same as for your brushes) and some coconut oil! When I’m cleaning one sponge I use this “recipe”:

1 tbsp coconut oil (melted over hot water)
2 tbsp soap

Scale it up if you got any more sponges to clean. All you got to do now is wet your sponge like you would if you were going to apply your makeup, then soak it in the mixture and rub gently on your sponge. Rinse of the mixture and repeat the process until the sponge is clean and free from staining!

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