Update your wardrobe on a budget!

Update your wardrobe on a budget!

Earrings (Everneed) // Scarf (Gustav) // Duster Coat (DAY)
Watch (Cluse) // Boots (More Than Basic)

It’s a new year which means it’s time to update the wardrobe! A good thing to do is to clean up in your closet; out with all the stuff you no longer use and in with some new, good stuff! Remember to recycle or donate your old clothes! A must-have right now got to be a duster coat and some boots! A great way to make the duster coat the perfect fit for your wardrobe is to pick it in your absolute favourite colour! For me the one above from DAY would be a perfect match because I simply love all shades of pink! As I mentioned before, boots is a big hit right now! Everything from stylish ankle boots to fashionable thigh high boots! You can get them in all the colours you can think of! I would like a pair of any kind of boots in every colour of the rainbow, please! Another thing you can never have to many of is watches. I have for a long time been in love with the brand Cluse and now that they’re finally sold in Denmark, maybe I should get my hands on one!

The money might not be big in the month of January, but don’t loose hope! Many stores are having their big January Sales right now, so why waste any time! I like to go looking for the best sales at rabble.dk, here they collect discount codes from a lot of online stores so we don’t have to look for them ourself! One of the January sales I enjoy the most is this one from miinto.dk. They got so many cool styles on their webshop and with the January Sale you can make a really good deal! What is your absolute must-have in your new wardrobe?

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