Three Ways To Style Faux Fur Coat

Three Ways To Style Faux Fur Coat

Left Outfit
Faux Fur (Quandisha) // Bodysuit (Boohoo)
Leather Pants (H&M) // Velvet Heels (Public Desire)

Middle Outfit
Faux Fur (Chic Wish) // Jumpsuit (Boohoo) // Stilettos (Public Desire)

Right Outfit
Faux Fur (Quandisha) // Dress (H&M) // Ankle Boots (Simmi)

I think faux fur coats look so stylish! With a pretty faux fur coat I would go all in with the rest of the outfit as well. In the picture above I’ve shown three different faux fur coats and how I would like to style each them, which you can se can be done in many different ways! I especially love the green faux fur, I really need it in my life hahahah!

The first outfit – the one to the left – looks a bit more tough than the others, which I really like! But at the same time it is also very classic in my opinion. I like the leather and the fur together, it makes such a good couple if you ask me! The outfit in the middle is a bit more different than the other two. The reason I think that is because of the pattern on the faux fur which makes it so cool! I think some big, silver jewellery would look so perfect with this! I keep thinking about a danish brand called Kant by Rahbek. She makes the most beautiful and unique earrings, which would compliment this look so much! I can’t describe how much i love the last outfit with the green faux fur, I’m speechless hahahah! I really love the dress and if you click the link you will see the cool details on the sleeves of it – I really need to own this dress! This got to be my favourite outfit from the three above! Let me know in the comments witch of these outfits are your favourite! You can always add some cool jewellery to the outfits, which really would make the outfit more personal!

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  1. Hi Simone! I just wanted to say that you are my inspiration! I love going to your blog, cause it makes me so happy. Really hope you will continue this blog. Just wanted to say you’re my inspiration <3 xxx, anonymous.

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