Review: Morphe 35F eyeshadow palette

Review: Morphe 35F eyeshadow palette

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews of the Morphe 35 eyeshadow palettes. Many big influensers on Youtube keep saying good stuff about the brand, while other influencers like Tati and Stephanie Nicole tells you that the palettes are a waste of money. I’ve always been listening to Tati and Stephanie Nicole’s honest reviews, but after so many has been saying, that the palettes were so good, then I had to try one for myself. I feel in love with the shades of the 35 Fall Into Frost Palette, which sold out so fast after every restock. I finally got my hands on it from and are finally ready to review it for you. The links above are affiliate links which means, that if you buy anything from the links I will make a small commission which will support my blog. I am not an affiliate with Morphe, but with

The palette consists of 28 shimmering shadows and 7 matte shadows. The first thing I did when I got the palette was swatching the entire palette on my arm with my fingers, and already there I became very disappointed. Some of the shadows swatched okay, but some of the shimmering shades had a lot of fall out, which you will be able to tell from the swatches later in this review. Also the mattes didn’t perform as nice as I’ve hoped. The colours weren’t that pigmented.

After playing around with the palette I was a bit disappointed. I created some different looks, but the most of the shadows didn’t perform as I hoped they would. Some of the shadows – both shimmering and matts – were okay. The majority of the shimmering shades had a lot of fallout! While the most of the matt had a very bad colour payoff and was hard to blend. I was most disappointed over the black matte shadow in the bottom left connor, as I’ve hoped for a very black black shadow.

But why are so many youtube influensers telling you, that they love this product? I think it might be because that they earn a commission of the discount codes that Morphe offers them.

I don’t think I would purchase another Morphe eyeshadow palette. I think I might still use some of the shimmering shades that I like, but I don’t think that I will get use out of every shade. This is a perfect example of, that you get what you pay for. Quality and price goes hand in hand yet again. I wan’t to try another way of giving reviews where I give the product grades, which I will do with hearts! I feel like giving the palette 2 out of 5 hearts.

The 2 hearts represent the shadows that I actually think I would use again and were okay for the price. The reason I don’t rate it higher is because I simply don’t like the most of the shadows, therefore I cannot rate it any higher. I would love to hear your opinion on the Morphe eyeshadow palettes in the comments!

Now on to the swatches! The first picture of finger swatches is swatches of the top row in the palette and so on. And yes, the first colour of the mattes are there, I’m just that pale hahahahah 😉

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