6 examples of feminine sneakers

6 examples of feminine sneakers

Top Row
Embroided Sneakers
(Miss Guided) // Velvet Sneakers (River Island) // Knot Sneakers (New Look)

Bottom Row
Slip On Trainers (Top Shop) // White Sneakers (New Look) // Satin Sneakers (Top Shop)

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect feminine sneakers for months now! I don’t like to wear heels all year around, especially not around winter time when snow is falling and everything becomes icy. I like to wear sneakers but I don’t want to dress down my outfit just because of them. Therefore I here give you 6 examples of feminine sneakers!

What defines a feminine sneaker? For me, feminine sneakers is almost all about the shape of the shoe. Even though some sneakers got cute embroideries or a feminine colour, they’re not feminine for me if the shape isn’t right. I think a feminine sneaker should be thin and not too bulky. The slip on trainers from Top Shop got a very high sole, which I don’t find very feminine, but because the shoe is so thin, then I still categorise them as feminine.

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