Fantasising about spring: 4 dresses I would love to wear

Fantasising about spring: 4 dresses I would love to wear

Top Row
Black Dress (Esprit) // Leopard Heels (New Look)
Red Dress (Pretty Little Thing) // Tie Up Heels (New Look)

Bottom Row
Green Dress (Topshop) // Nude Heels (Esprit)
Black Turtleneck Dress (Esprit) // Denim Ankle Boots (Pretty Little Thing)

I’ve been fantasising about spring and summertime since December hahahah. I really enjoy the months of spring and summer, mostly because of the change in weather! I love hot summer days where the only appropriate thing to wear is a cute dress. God I can’t wait for those days to come around again! We’re already in the start of March which means, that spring soon will be over us! I wanted to celebrate it by showing you four examples of dresses I would love to wear in this coming spring and summertime. I also paired the dresses with some shoes to give you an idea of how I would like to style them. Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and buy anything from the site, I will make a small commission which will support my blog.

The black dress from the top row are of a stretchy material, so it will fit nicely to your body. I always love to pair black with something with lots of colours or patterns, which is why I chose to pair the dress with the leopard heels. I love the shape of the red dress, especially that it’s tightest around the waist, which actually is the case with 3 out of 4 dresses in this post hahahah! But I think the red dress would look absolutely stunning with the black tie up heels and maybe a cute, black leather bag. I think the next match of mine is totally perfect! Green and nude is such a perfect combo, I don’t even know how to describe the strong feelings I got for this look – I really need it in my wardrobe! The last example of a perfect spring and summerdress is a more warm type of thing. Here in Denmark the weather isn’t that warm, so that might be something I would wear in my springtime to keep me warm. I think the dress is to die for, I love how swingy it looks on the model – it’s like tight fitting in the top of the dress and becomes more loose from the waist and down. I think the dress would look so stylish with some black denim ankle boots. They also offer some in light denim, but I thought the black would match the dress to perfection! Let me know in the comments which of these looks are your favourite!

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