Review: BH Cosmetics x Ashley Tisdale Night Goddess Eyeshadow Palette

Review: BH Cosmetics x Ashley Tisdale Night Goddess Eyeshadow Palette

Ashley Tisdale and BH Cosmetics teamed up and made a really cute collection together! I got a few thing from the collection including the Night Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, some of the Enhancing Lip Glosses and the Illuminating Shimmers. In this blogpost I will review the eyeshadow palette, but I’m also going to review the other products later, so stay tuned for that!

BH Cosmetics has been doing co-labs with other people as well, like Carli Bybell and Shaaanxo. They sell their makeup for no money, which got me a little skeptical about the quality of it. I think the Night Goddess Palette is very beautiful and is very nighttime appropriate! She also got another palette called Beach Goddess which also got a lot of beautiful shades that matches the name of it to perfection!

The palette contains 9 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blush and something that could be a highlighter or shimmery bronzer depending on your skintone. I really enjoy the quality of this palette! I think the eyeshadows blend beautifully, and the bronzer and blush applies evenly on the skin. I’m not the biggest fan of a shimmery bronzer for my everyday look, and it would be way to dark for a highlighter for my pale skin, but it’s still good quality. I also think that all of the products last very long on my face without fading. The palette is also vegan and allergy tested.

I’m going to give this palette 3 hearts out of 5.

The reason for this is that I really like the quality of it for the cost of it. I would’ve liked some more matte shadows in this palette. Only two out of nine shadows are matte. I would’ve preferred more mattes than shimmers, or maybe just one or to more matte shades. The most of the shimmery shades also got some fall out, which you can tell from the swatches below. I don’t think the fall out is as big when I’m applying the product to my eyes with a brush. It might be because I always tap the excess off it. I’m also not the biggest fan of the packaging, I mean it’s really cute, but I’m not the biggest fan of the squares that contains the product hahah, but that’s just my opinion. I’ve also noticed some white chunks in the bronzer, Dusk, after I started using the palette. I don’t know what it is and haven’t seen anything like it before, but I don’t think it affects the product.

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