My mom was diagnosed with NET. What is that?

My mom was diagnosed with NET. What is that?

An old photo of me, my mum and my two siblings <3

In 2013 my mom was diagnosed with NET. NET stands for NeuroEndrocrine Tumor. This is a very rare type of cancer which happens in the neuroendocrine cells (which secretes hormones) which can be found many in many organs. One of the endocrine organs is the pancreas which is where they found the tumor in my mom. The reason why NET is so dangerous is because there are so many different symptoms. No patients are alike. The symptoms vary according to the place of the tumor and the age of the patient. In many years before the doctors discovered my moms tumor she had big mood swings and was tired most of the time. She went to the doctors so many times but no one seemed to realise how sick she was. Luckily, her doctor finally discovered her tumor in the pancreas as she had sent her of for an ultrasound scan.

Suddenly, everything went so fast. She got scheduled for a surgery short after the beginning of the new year 2014. I still remember seeing her after her surgeries (she had to have more than one because of internal bleeding). But seeing her, the strongest woman I know, lying in the hospital bed all helpless was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen. And just thinking about it makes me cry like a baby.

Luckily, my mom survived. She was in the hospital for quite some time as she got the entire abdomen cut open. Now she is a completely different person. She no longer got mood swings, she’s actually happy all the time! She is no longer tired as she used to be – of course she loves a nap now and then but who doesn’t? She got some of the pancreas removed which resulted in she won’t be able to produce the needed amount of insulin.

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