Luxury vs. Budget: Black Leather Pants

Luxury vs. Budget: Black Leather Pants

Leather Pants (£1600) // Bodysuit (£195) // Stilettos (£130)
Cross Body Bag (£368) // Watch (£225)

Leather Pants (£25) // Bodysuit (£14) // Stilettos (£25)
Cross Body Bag (£13) // Watch (£20)

I looove leather pants! So of course I had to make a Luxury vs. Budget centred around them! The leather pants from the luxury site is 100% lambskin so they are real leather while the leather pants from the budget site is a leather-look-alike. I think that you are able to see on the price that the luxury pants is real leather and the ones from the budget site is not. But again, I know there are some more affordable leather pants out there if you want the real deal. I really like the look I have created! I think the khaki green bodysuit goes so so so well to the leather pants! I actually wanted to style the look with some khaki barely there heels like these but I could not find anything similar that were more than £30I think the nude stilettos is a really good substitute and brings more attention to the pants as they are nude.

I really like the accessories I found to the look as well. I have always been matching metals; gold with gold and silver with silver. I don’t know why but I can’t get myself to mix them hahah… I don’t mind when others do but I just can’t. I think the cross over bag would be perfect for this look and would match a gold watch so perfect! I also though of matching it with something like gold bracelets which would look stunning as well!

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