Review: OMG! 2in1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask

Review: OMG! 2in1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask

I got the OMG! 2in1 Mask and the headband in a danish monthly makeup subscription box and wanted to test it out and review it for you! It is from the brand Double Dare which I don’t think I have ever heard of before. The mask retails for $6 (which is around £4.8) the headband retails for $8 (about  £6.5).

There are two masks in this component; one for step one and one for step two. The first mask is the detox bubbling mask which is supposed to cleanse and detoxify the skin. The second mask is the microfiber mask which will feed the skin with nutrients. Both of the masks are sheet masks and are really easy to put on your face when you finally figure out which way is up hahahah.

I followed the instruktions and kept the first mask on for a bit longer than three minutes and the second for around 20. My skin was very sticky afterwards because of the serum from the second mask but after it all was absorbed my skin felt preeeeetty good! I feel like it really took care of some of my trouble areas; I had some kind of bumps at my mouths which were gone afterwards!

I think this 2in1 mask deserves 4,5 hearts out of 5 because it did as it said it would which is the most important thing! The only little thing I did not like was the stickiness afterwards and I felt like the serum did not absorb as fast as I would like. But I really think I would repurchase the mask – especially because it sorted out my trouble area!

Now, enjoy some pictures of me with the masks! I feel like these are the most weird pictures I have ever been taking of myself like… I was trying to smile but then the mask would come down in my mouth hahahah… The first two pictures are with the step 1 mask and the last one with the step 2. Also, I don’t think it is necessary to have the headband. A normal hair elastic would have done the job.

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