Three ways to style laced bodysuit

Three ways to style laced bodysuit

Left outfit
Bodysuit // Jeans // Bomber Jacket // Stilettos

Middle outfit
Bodysuit // Leather Skirt // Blazer // Thigh High Boots

Right outfit
Bodysuit // Lace Skirt // Bag // Heels

I think the lace bodysuit is a tough one. Not in styling matter but I think it easily becomes too much. That is just my personal opinion if you like an all-see-through lace bodysuit then you do you. But personally I would prefer something to cover my breast which is why I chose to style this bodysuit in particular. Once again I have created three completely different look around the same item.

The first outfit, the one to the left, is in my opinion a more everyday casual outfit. When I think of a lace bodysuit I don’t think many people think of it as everyday wear but if you dress it down then I definitely think it would be appropriate to wear. I think the ripped jeans and the bomber jacket does a really good job in getting this bodysuit down to earth but still makes it look feminine.

The middle outfit is a bit more stylish with the thigh high boots and leather skirt. A nice detail to this outfit would be some silver jewellery to match the zip in the skirt and a black leather bag. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing this for an everyday look but I don’t think I would mind at all!

The third and last outfit to the right is a bit more of a going-out-on-a-date-outfit. For some reason I don’t know the difference of an everyday-outfit and a going-out-on-a-date-outfit as I properly would wear this for everyday as well. I really like how both the skirt and bodysuit got laces and I think they compliment each other really well even though they are not even from the same website. To make sure the laces get all the attention in this outfit I chose to style it with nude shoes and a nude bag. To accessorise this outfit even more you could always add some gold jewellery to match the handle at the bag. Let me know in the comments which outfit is your absolute favourite!

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