Review: L.A. Girl Pro Conceal

Review: L.A. Girl Pro Conceal

The L.A. Girl Pro Conceal (£5.2 for 0.28 oz / 8 g) is the only concealer available from the brand L.A. Girl. There is 28 different shades to pick from where 21 of them are actual concealers, 6 are color-correctors, and 1 is a highlighter. I own some of the concealers and a few of the color-correctors.

On their website they state that the concealers are:
 With opaque coverage
 With a creamy, yet lightweight texture
Able to camouflage darkness under the eyes, redness, and skin imperfections
Provides complete, natural-looking coverage
Evens skintone
Covers dark circles
Minimises fine lines around the eyes

That is a lot of promises! I think that the concealer is crease-resistant if you set it with a fine powder. If your powder isn’t fine enough the concealer will crease. The concealers have a good coverage. I think it is something between medium to full. I really like to use the concealers under my eyes or for cream highlighting but I don’t like them for covering up imperfections like pimples or scars as I don’t feel it is covering enough. The texture of the concealers is great and it blends easily into the skin! I also think it is very long-wearing as long as you have set it with powder.

I use the peach corrector and the porcelain concealer under my eyes and I think they do a great job even though I don’t have that much to cover. I also use the green corrector to correct any redness I have. I don’t use the concealers to cover skin imperfections as I – like I just said – don’t think they cover enough. It gives a very natural-looking coverage and don’t look heavy or cakey on the face. I also think it is very good at evening out my skintone under my eyes and covers my under-eyes really good. I don’t know if the concealer actually minimises fine lines around the eyes, I have always had some wrinkles under my eyes for as long as I can remember which I still have after applying the concealer hahahah! I know that’s not what they mean but I don’t think the concealer minimises fine lines but It definitely makes them worse if you don’t set it with powder or set it with a heavy powder.

I think that £5.2 for 8 grams of a good product is a very low price to pay! I think they got a lot of shades to chose from but I feel they get very dark very quickly. I really could have used a complete white concealer. I at first though that the highlight concealer was completely white but I found out that it is a actual highlighter with shimmer 🙁 I think this product deserves 5 out 5 hearts to be honest!

I think the concealer keeps it’s promises and is a really good, affordable product, which is why I think it deserves all 5 hearts. All I could ask for is more lighter shades. Would I buy some of them again? Yes, and I’ve already did! Below you will be able to see swatches of the shades I have. Porcelain, Light Ivory, Classic Ivory, Natural, Creamy Beige, and Toast is the concealer shades I own. The only ones there is light enough for me is the Porcelain and Light Ivory. I use Toast as a cream contour and think it does a very good job! For correcting-shades I have the Green, Peach, and Lavender which I all think does a very good correcting-job!

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  1. Jeg er desværre ikke så glad for den concealer 🙁 synes ikke den sidder så flot på min hud. Men det kan selvfølgelig være forskelligt fra hud til hud.

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