Review: The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops

Review: The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops

The Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop (£10 for 15 ml) is drops for your foundation so you can make it a 100% match for your skin shade! I think this is so genius so of course I had to get the lightening drops as even the lightest foundations never matches me. I did not want to buy the darkening drops as I’ve never needed to darken my foundation. But if you are interested in a review of the darkening drops as well, then I would suggest watching this review from McKenzie Mann.

So in this review I will only be talking about the lightening drops. I have to say I love how they promote the product on their website: “You wouldn’t settle for Mr. “Almost right” so why do it with your foundation? Our Shade Adjusting Drops help turn an almost there shade into the perfect one.” Hahahah, I guess that is true!

On their website they state that their lightening drops
– contains white and pink pigments that helps neutralise yellowness while lightening

They don’t say a lot about the product but what else need to be said when that is all we need? They also write that to lighten light to medium shades you just add one drop and that one drop is going to lighten the foundation with 1/2 a shade.

I think these lightening drops really makes it possible for me to wear any foundation! But I think it takes a lot of drops before the foundation finally get as light as I want, which might be good enough so it dosen’t get too light after one drop. I really enjoy the product itself but I think the dropper is so bad! It takes me so long to actually get something sucked up and when I finally do there is only one drop in. I found that it helps if you suck up the product reeeeeeeeally slowly then you will get one drop. I don’t know if it is just mine but the dropper is not something to cheer for…

To be honest, the dropper thing annoys me so much which is why I only give this 4 hearts out of 5 possible.

I love the product and it is already something I can’t live without! But The Body Shop… Please do something about that dropper! :’-( Have you tried any of the Shade Adjusting Drops? Let me know your opinion in the comments!

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  1. Jeg har også skrevet om dem på min blog (som et af de første indlæg) – har dog en anden favorit, som er i samme indlæg 😛 Men det er en fantastisk opfindelse 😀

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