Review: Trust Fund Beauty That Glo Tho Highlighting Stick

Review: Trust Fund Beauty That Glo Tho Highlighting Stick

The Trust Fund Beauty That Glo Tho (£15.5 for 4.44 mL) is a champagne coloured highlighting stick which only is available in that one champagne shade. The highlighting stick comes in a black twist up tube with the brands logo and the name of the product on the cap.

On their website they state that the highlighter
is high performance
comes on smooth
lasts all day and all night
is free of toxic chemicals, vegan, and is not tested on animals

The first thing I have to say is that I really like the shade! Now that they only have one shade is it important to match as many skin tones as possible which I feel a champagne shade will! I am in the lighter shade range but is still able to use the highlighter. I also feel like the shade would match many of the deeper skin tones as well. The highlighter itself is not blinding. It will give you a very natural highlight which is why i like to use it for my no-makeup days. So if you are someone who likes a blinding highlight then this is not for you. I would not recommend applying a powder highlighter on top of the stick highlight as it made it look very cakey.

I think the highlight looks so pretty when first applied! It makes your skin look so healthy and dewy which I think is perfect for the no-makeup days! It applies beautifully on the skin and I don’t feel like it exaggerates any texture (I don’t have that much texture on my highlighting areas so I can’t tell you if it would exaggerate anything if you have more texture). I think the highlighting stick looks pretty for a good amount of time. But if you are applying it in the morning it will not last till the evening. It will start separating on my cheeks after a couple of hours which I think the most of us want to avoid. I don’t know if it have anything to do with the amount of other products on the skin like a thick foundation vs. a thin foundation where I think the highlighting stick might hold longer on a thiner foundation.

I really enjoy this highlighting stick but I would have preferred a longer lasting time on the face which is why I only award it 3.5 hearts out of 5.

The reason for my grade is that they state it will last all day and all night but it dosen’t which I think is such a big factor. I don’t think they necessarily need to add more shades as the champagne shade is so versatile. Have you tried the Trust Fund Beauty That Glo Tho? If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments!

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