Review: Coastal Scents Shadow Pots

Review: Coastal Scents Shadow Pots

The Coastal Scents Shadow Pots (£1.50 for 1.5 g) are the single shadows that the brand offers. There are almost 400 different single shadows to choose from at their website (get a big overview of the different shadows here) with different finishes like matte, shimmer, and satin.

They don’t really state much about their shadows on their website but one thing they do say is that the eyeshadows are highly pigmented.

I bought a couple of the eyeshadows when they had a sale (yes… a sale!) as I have heard about the brand before and wanted to try them out to see if they were as good as people said. So I bought 22 eyeshadows (12 shimmers, 10 mattes, apparently no satins). I really enjoy working with the shadows but I need to make you aware that the shadows got different applications which means some applies sheer, others are semi-opaque, and others are opaque at application. I didn’t notice this when I bought the shadows but it was really clear to me when swatching and playing with the shadows. I think it’s weird you can state that your eyeshadows are highly pigmented but only applies sheer. That might just be me thinking like that. But if you look at it the other way around then the eyeshadows with sheer application are pigmented for a sheer eyeshadow. The opaque shadows is also very opaque and are very pigmented. But I still think you are able to build up the colour of the shadows so you can choose how pigmented you want them which I like. I don’t get any fall-out when applying the matte shadows but I do get some when I apply the shimmer shadows which is very normal. I think the shadows blend together beautifully and are definitely some I will get a lot of uses out of.

I really enjoy the shadows! And if you are willing to read about the shadows application before buying them then you will not be disappointed 😉 I got a bit disappointed the first time I played with the shadows because I didn’t know about the different applications. But they are not hiding anything from you so make sure to read about the desired shadow before purchase. I want to award the Shadow Pots from Coastal Scents 4.5 hearts out of 5 possible!

I have completely fallen in love with these wonderful single eyeshadows! They are both cheap and of a fantastic quality at the same time! If you want to build your makeup kit fast or want some wild shadows to play with then I will definitely recommend trying out these shadows! The reason I don’t give the shadows the full 5 hearts is because I would have liked if they all were opaque. Have you tried the Shadow Pots from Coastal Scents? If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments!

In the pictures below I have made some swatches. The first swatch of the shadow (the one closest to my hand) is a finger swatch while the next swatch of the shadow (the swatch next to the finger swatch) is a brush swatch which is made with my large shader 209 brush from Luxie Beauty. Both the finger swatch and brush swatch is only one swipe. There is no primer or anything on my arm. Next to the names of the shadows I have written if the shadow got opaque (O), semi-opaque (SO), or sheer (S) application.

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