My Morning Skincare Routine

My Morning Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is soooo important! I actually never really used anything skincare on my face before makeup in the morning until I became aware of what a good skincare routine can do for your skin! In my teenage years I was struggling with light acne and when I finally got rid of that I would still have pimples all the time but not like acne. With my new skincare routine I never have pimples other than my hormonal ones at that time of the month but they aren’t as bad as they used to be either. I have normal sensitive skin so this skincare routine might not work for you. You can always use it as a guidline or inspiration but you need products for your kind of skin type.

But let’s get into my morning skincare routine and then later at some point I will post my evening skincare routine which also is essential for me to keep my skin clean!

So for my skin care routine I actually “only” use four different products. I will start it all off with my Micellar Water from Nivea. This one is for sensitive skin but it is also available for normal and dry skin. The reason I start out with a micellar water is to remove any dirt and oils I have produced over night. I will soak a cotton pad in it and then massage my face in circles. Next, I will go in with my Salicylic Acid 2% Solution from The Ordinary. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) which is used for chemical exfoliation. The chemical exfoliant will remove any dead skin cells which will speed up skin renewall. If you are using a chemical exfoliant it is extremely important that you use sunscreen EVERYDAY!! I will apply four small drops of this directly to my face – one drop on my forehead, one on the chin, and one on each cheek. Then I will massage it in.



The next product I am going to use is the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% from The Ordinary. Niacinamide and zinc are able to reduce the look of blemishes and balance visible sebum activity. I apply this to my face the same as I did with the salicylic acid and massage it in. I will finish my morning skincare routine off with my Aloe Soothing Day Cream from The Body Shop which again is for sensitive skin. I have tried other creams from The Body Shop but some of them makes my skin burn! This one don’t and is so nice for my skin so if you got sensitive skin just like me, then I will highly recommend this one! I again apply four small dots on my face and massage it in. It is hard to explain how much product you will need on your face but trust me, you don’t need as much as you think!

If you are interested in using the skincare products from The Ordinary but don’t know which of all the amazing products that would work the best for your skin, then I would suggest reading the description box from this youtube video by Wayne Goss.

I hope you found this useful or maybe it gave you some kind of inspiration for your morning skincare routine! My absolute favourite product from my morning skincare routine have to be the salicylic acid! What do you do for your morning skincare routine and what is your favourite product? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Simone!! I love this so much, my skincare routine is definitely something I need to get better at. Sometimes I’m just too tired (totally not a good excuse haha).

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