Review: Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette

Review: Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette

The Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette (£8 for 15 g) contains three highlighters; a yellow golden shade, a frosty pink shade, and a light purple shade – at least on my fair skintone.

On their website they state that the highlighters
… Well they don’t really state anything other than they’re vivid.

So are they vivid? I will say that you get a pretty blinding highlight for your buck. You can customise them to your desired intensity – if you like a more subtle highlight then only dip your brush in once or twice. If you – like me – like to glow like the Gods then you can build up the glow as you wish by adding more product. I think this palette will work the best for fair to medium complexions as I think they might get too light for deeper complexions. I really enjoy all the shades on my fair complexion. The pinky and lilac shade might look like they will be too much or too funky but they don’t look that pinky or purple on the face and I think they are both very wearable. They wear an incredible amount of time on the face! I really couldn’t believe they lasted all day on my cheekbones even after being in the rain. Their intensity might fade a bit but they still look good if you don’t retouch them! I really enjoy all of the shades but my favourite is definitely the pinky one!

All in all, I really think these highlighters are incredible and I really want to try out some more from the brand! I don’t have any negative things to say about the highlighters and I would definitely repurchase the palette! I will award this Highlighter Palette from Makeup Revolution 5 out of 5 hearts!

Whats better than a good, affordable product? Maybe free food? Hahahahah. If you are on a budget – or maybe just want some cool highlighters – then I would definitely recommend this one! Have you tried the Highlighter Palette from Makeup Revolution? If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments!

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