Review: Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

Review: Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

The Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation (£9 for 30 mL) is a full-coverage foundation which states it will give you better skin in just three weeks. This is interesting because as we all know, makeup can clog your pores and give you a horrible skin if you are not removing your makeup properly (read about my morning skincare routine and night time skincare routine here to know how I clean my skin.)

On their website they state that the foundation
 reduces the appearance of dull, blotchy and uneven skin, leaving you with flawless, hydrated, even and glowing skin
got a flawless all-day coverage
got a formula that helps skin look more radiant, fresher and even, with all-day wear
 blend seamlessly onto the skin for buildable coverage
 is suitable for sensitive skin

A foundation that makes your skin look better? Sign me up for that! I fell in love with all the statements I read about the foundation when I first wanted to buy it. So I bought it to test out if it really made my skin look better. I have been wearing it for the past month for my makeup days – I do have days where I don’t want to wear makeup and want to let my skin breathe. I already think I got pretty good skin as I don’t have any major breakouts. I also don’t think have dull or uneven skin but I do have kind of blotchy skin as my cheeks and my nose often are a bit red. I honestly think my skin looked better – with this I mean less red – over the time when I tested out the foundation. I think the foundation blend so easily into the skin and really looks good when it is on. You can build up the formula to a medium-full coverage. It got an amazing wear time! I have been a lot in the rain with this foundation and it really didn’t move at all! I was so impressed! Like my face was so wet and it still looked good!

A thing that confused me was that this comes in different packaging. On the website it looks square with a light blue cap, while it on the website looks like the one I have which is round and got a darker blue cap. I don’t know why brands make different packaging… But I think there is two kinds. The one I have only comes in 8 shades… 8 SHADES?! I got the lightest shade 10 Ivory but it is nowhere near ivory! I can only use it know when I am tan which is such a bummer as I really like the foundation. On the website it is available in 16 shades where the lightest is 10 Porcelain. Why they don’t have the same shades all over the world and the same packaging is a mystery for me. I also think that their shade line sucks. The lightest is not light enough and it does not look like they got any dark shades at all.

Even though I really like this foundation I will only award it 4 out of 5 possible hearts.

I will give the foundation the 4 hearts because I really like the foundation and actually felt like it made my skin look better and less red. I will not give it the last heart as I don’t understand why there’s only 8 shades available in europe. It’s 2017, step it up Maybelline! Have you tried the SuperStay Better Skin Foundation from Maybelline? If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments!

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