Items for your fall wardrobe!

Items for your fall wardrobe!

//1 Double Breasted Coat (Boohoo) – //2 Red Ankle Boots (Public Desire)
//3 Nude Turtleneck (Boohoo) – //4 Faux Fur Coat (Boohoo)
//5 Black Ankle Boots (NA-KD) – //6 Knitted Jumper Dress (Boohoo)
//7 Black Thigh High Boots (Public Desire)

In Denmark the fall came hard this year! I feel like it have been raining every day since we hit the first of September. I need to update my wardrobe for fall which I will do with clothing items from Boohoo and boots from shops like NA-KD.

I have been on the lookout for a nice coat the last two years now but haven’t found any that really was what I am dreaming about. A coat I find really stylish is the brown double breasted coat from Boohoo. I really like the collar of it but would have loved if it was more of a trench coat style with a belt to enhance your figure as that is more what I am looking after.

For fall I love to wear a lot of knitwear, sweaters, and turtlenecks. One I think I need to add to my fall wardrobe is this nude turtleneck from boohoo. I really love turtlenecks and they are so easy to style and wear. A turtleneck like this you could wear with whatever shade of jeans – cowboy, black, khaki, even leather pants could look so cool with this one! Maybe I need a pair of leather pants as well? I think I just inspired myself hahahah 😉

Another thing I have been wanting for fall for ages now is a faux fur coat. I found this one from the collage from Boohoo and totally fell in love! I think a faux fur coat like this one would look stunning and super stylish with a pair of ankle boots, both neutrals and some more colourful ones. One of my favourite black ankle boots I own are these from NA-KD which I also included in the collage. They look so stylish and are so comfortable to wear! A pair of more colourful ankle boots I have been having my eyes on for a long period of time is these red ones from Public Desire. They are available in other colours as well but I just really have fallen for the red shade and thought they would be a fun pop of colour.

A big hit last fall was thigh high boots and a cute dress like this knitted one from Boohoo. I think this is going to be a big trend again this year and as I finally got around buying a pair of thigh high boots, I will definitely get a lot wear out of my shorter dresses for this fall and winter. I think the knitted dress from the collage above would look stunning with a pair of thigh high boots and maybe a faux leather belt to complete the look!

What are your must-have fall item and what trend are you looking the most forward for? Tell me all about it in the comments! Also let me know whats your favourite item from the collage above!

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