Review: Limecrime Matte Velvetines

Review: Limecrime Matte Velvetines

The Limecrime Matte Velvetines (£16 for 2.6 mL) are the matte liquid lipsticks the brand, Limecrime, offers. They also offers metallic liquid lipsticks, lip toppers, and two different kinds of stick lipsticks (Perlees and Unicorn Lipsticks). I own a matte velvetine in the shade Buffy.

On their website they state that the lipsticks
are long lasting
makes your lips feel luxurious and velvety
lasts all day with minimal touch-ups, even through meals
won’t bleed or transfer
won’t dry out properly moisturized lips

The first time I tried this matte liquid lipstick I was not pleased. It crumbled on my lips and was not very pleasant to wear so I didn’t want to wear it for a while. Now I finally got around to try it again and got a completely different experience with it! It didn’t crumble at all on my lips at any time but I do think it feels a bit sticky when first applied which I think is what makes it crumble if you rub your lips together. It takes some time before the sticky feeling goes away but when it does I really like this formula. It does last a long time on your lips especially if you eat with caution and make sure the food and drinks don’t touch your lips. With this liquid lipstick you will be able to drink your drink directly from a cup without it transferring. When it don’t feel sticky any more the liquid lipstick feels incredible on the lips. It does not feel drying but makes them feel velvety as they state. I don’t see any bleeding and it does not transfer at all.

Because I now know how to apply the liquid lipstick so it doesn’t crumble I will award it 4 out of 5 possible hearts.

I do really enjoy this liquid lipstick formula but I am not the biggest fan of how sticky it feels when first applied. I would buy more shades of this formula. Have you tried the Matte Velvetines from Limecrime? If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments!

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