Review: NYX Cosmetics White Liquid Liner

Review: NYX Cosmetics White Liquid Liner

The NYX Cosmetics White Liquid Liner (£6 for 2.2 mL) are the only white liquid liner the brand, NYX Cosmetics, offers. They do offer other kinds of eyeliners like felt tip liners and stick liners in white. They also offers a lot of different colours of liquid liners.

On their website they state that the liner
is opaque
have a water-resistant formula
have a matte finish
is perfect for the lash or waterline

This white liquid liner is definitely opaque and not see-through at all! It applies nice to the eyes and does dry into a matte finish. But when the liner dries it will crack and will not look cute at all! The good thing about it cracking is that it is easier to correct mistakes as you will be able to flake it of when dry. It did not feel comfortable on the eyes as it felt heavy.

I don’t think it looks good with cracked eyeliner and I definitely would not want to wear this eyeliner out. I will award this liquid liner 1.5 hearts out of 5 possible.

Even though I don’t want to wear this liner out I do think you can make it work if you want to be creative with your makeup and take some nice pictures from far away. I don’t think I would repurchase this product. Have you tried the White Liquid Liner from NYX Cosmetics? If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments!


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