Review: Essence Cosmetics Vibrant Shock Lip Paint

Review: Essence Cosmetics Vibrant Shock Lip Paint

The Essence Cosmetics Vibrant Shock Lip Paint (£3.3 for 5 mL) are the brands new liquid lipstick formula which also is available in a metal version. The brand also have another matte liquid lipstick formula, the Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss, which I also will be reviewing for you soon.

On their website they state that the lipstick
will dry into a velvety-matte finish
feels light on the lips
have high coverage
have a non-sticky texture

When I first swatched the liquid lipstick it did not seem like it had high coverage as I could see my skin through it. But on the lips it seems like it does cover the natural lip shade. I don’t think this liquid lipstick dries matte at all as it dosen’t dry that much and will stay wet on your lips. It will transfer a lot, even more than a regular creme lipstick. Because it don’t dry it will feel sticky on the lips but not uncomfortable sticky. I would not call this a matte liquid lipstick but more a creme liquid lipstick. The product also have strong scent which reminds me of perfumed soap or something. The scent goes away after it is applied to the lips.

I will award this liquid lipstick 2 hearts out of 5 possible.

I will not rate this any higher as the product is not matte as they advertise it to be. I do think you could make it work as a creme liquid lipstick but it will still be more wet and sticky than a normal creme lipstick would be. I would not repurchase this product. Have you tried the Vibrant Shock Lip Paint from Essence Cosmetics? If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments! Also, comment which products from Essence you would want me to review next!

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