Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner

Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner

A winged eyeliner can be a great touch to add to a lot of different makeup looks. If you are new to makeup it might be hard to get it right and maybe you don’t know how to start or how to do it which is why I wanted to create a short step by step tutorial on how I do my winged eyeliner. You can use these basic steps and alter it the way you want so the shape and thickness of the wing suit your eye the best.

For this tutorial, I have used the NYX Cosmetics Matte Liquid Liner, but you can use any type of eyeliner you want and feel the most comfortable with. I start by applying my eyeliner to my lashline from the inner corner to 3/4 of the lashline. I don’t go all the way out as I don’t know where my wing will be yet. I now make the first line of the wing. I start the line from where I want the wing to end and then I drag it towards my eye where I want the wing to end. It doesn’t have to be perfect as we always can clean it up later!

I will now make the top line of the wing. As we want the wing to be sharp, I will start this line a bit further down rather than at the top of the bottom line of the wing we just made before. It is best to make your wing thin at first as you always can make it thicker, but if you have eyeshadow on you can’t really use concealer to make the wing thinner. So start out thin and then go thicker if you want. Now fill in the wing.

Now it is time to clean up! I start by cleaning up the top part of the wing; I will fill in any gaps and make the wing and the liner on the lashline look more fluent by thickening the eyeliner at the lashline where the wing starts. To clean up the bottom part of the wing, I will use my Dermacol Foundation (which I use as a concealer) and my Pointed Detailer Brush from Real Techniques. I will go from the inner part of my eye and out to get a clean line. After you have used concealer to perfect the wing, remember to blend it out.

If you want a longer wing then start the first line of the wing further away from your eye. If you want a thicker wing then make it thicker by applying more eyeliner to the top part of the wing and at the lashline.

Now apply the rest of your makeup! For my brows, I used the Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Eye Brow in the shade Brown. For mascara, I used the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. For my highlight, I used the shade Snow from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. If you have any questions, then don’t be afraid to ask!

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