//1 Wrap Dress (*) – //2 Dragon’s Blood Discovery Set (*) – //3 Eyeshadow Palette (*)
//4 Heart Heels (*) – //5 Blush Palette (*) – //6 Lipstick Gift Set (*)
//7 Heart Clutch Bag – //8 Grapefruit Body Butter

Only two weeks until Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t found the perfect gift for your girlfriend yet, then don’t worry! I am here to help you out! Above I have created a collage of gifts I personally would love to receive. The items in the collage can also be used as inspiration as it doesn’t need to be exactly that bag your or that shade in lipsticks if you know your girlfriend hates pink toned lipsticks. Always keep in mind that us girls are different, so what I like might not be what every other girl in the world likes. And I also wanted the theme of the collage to be Valentine-ish, hence the pink shades hahahaha!

//1 Wrap Dress (*). This dress is from prettylittlething.com (*) and is available in 13 shades (!!!) and retails for £22. If you know your girlfriend would love a dress like this one (and you would love to see her in one) but know the pink shade might not be her favourite colour, then this dress is available in 12 other shades as well! I love soft presents, especially if someone has chosen the item carefully and with love. If you know you are going out on a date with your girlfriend, then why not choose what she should wear?

//2 Dragon’s Blood Discovery Set (*). This skincare set is from rodial.co.uk (*) which is a discovery set meaning you will get all of the products in a travel size which is always nice when trying out new products. The set includes a cleansing water, a hyaluronic tonic, a sculpting gel, and a hyaluronic moisturiser all from the dragon’s blood range which is great for people who want to treat loss of elasticity in the skin, suffer from dry or sensitive skin and wish to firm and plump sagging facial contours. The set retails for £24.50 but is worth £62.60! I personally love skincare and I think everyone should take care of their skin, no matter gender or age! When buying skin care, it is very important to be aware of the skin type of the person who it is meant for. You can always read about the recommendations in the product descriptions – which I highly recommend.

//3 Eyeshadow Palette (*). This eyeshadow palette is from tambeauty.com (*) which sell a lot of affordable makeup! This eyeshadow retails for £10 and actually looks like a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (*) which retails for £43! Again, this is all about your girlfriend’s personal style. I personally love the shades in this palette, but you can choose a totally different colour scheme or different price range depending on your budget.

//4 Heart Heels (*). These heels are from publicdesire.com (*) and are available in 3 shades and they retail for £30. I think these heels are super cute with the heart details, but they would properly not be something I would wear every day because of that. If your girl has it all, then she might love these as they are very different. If she doesn’t have the biggest shoe collection, then you might want to find something more versatile she could wear on an everyday basis like a good pair of nude court heels.

//5 Blush Palette (*). This blush palette is from Anastasia Beverly Hills and can be bought of cultbeauty.com (*) for £31 and are available in other shades as well. Again, I personally love blushes but I think this is a bit hit or miss as blush is something you don’t need in your makeup look and you can look stunning without it or when using a bronzer as a blush instead. If you know your girlfriend loves a good blush, then yes, this is the right gift for her! Right now cultbeauty.com (*) offers free shipping on all of their Anastasia Beverly Hills products!

//6 Lipstick Gift Set (*). This gift set is by the brand MAC Cosmetics and can be bought from the lookfantastic.com (*) website for £26 which is a killer deal for four MAC products! I think they come in travel sizes as they are called “Little MAC”, and I still think it is a good deal! A gift set like this is great if your girlfriend loves makeup or is new to makeup! They offer other gift sets as well if you know pink isn’t your girlfriends favourite colour.

//7 Heart Clutch Bag (*). This bag is by the brand Michael Kors and can be bought at houseoffraser.co.uk (*) for £175 and is available in black as well. This bag is a designer bag, hence the price, so if this is not your budget, then you will be able to find loads of other bags at affordable prices as well! I think this bag is so cute with the heart details, but just like the heels with the hearts, this is not something I would use every day but maybe more than the heels. Again it all depends on your girlfriend and her taste in fashion.

//8 Grapefruit Body Butter (*). This body butter is from The Body Shop (*) and retails for £15. The Body Shop offers a lot of different body butters, so if you see your girlfriends favourite fragrance in there, then I definitely would suggest going for that one instead! I love the body butters from The Body Shop so much! They smell wonderful and leave the skin so nice! Right now, The Body Shop website (*) offer £10 off when you buy for £30 with the code 19805 and free delivery on orders over £20!

That was my 8 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for her! I hope I inspired you so you now know exactly what you are going to spoil your lucky girlfriend with! If you want, you are welcome to leave your own ideas in the comments to inspire others as well! I hope to see you back soon and thank you for reading!

Links marked with (**) are items I got sent. Links marked with (*) are affiliate links. If you click the affiliate links and buy anything from them then I will make a small commision which will support my blog. If you are uncomfortable with affiliate links, then just search for the item on google.

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