//1 Black Buckle Detail Bag (Primark, £7) – //2 Nude Studded Bag (Primark, £8) – //3 Dragonfly Brooch Bag (New Look, £20, *) – //4 LOVE Bag (H&M, £20) – //5 Red Hoop Bag (Zara, £20) – //6 Tea Cup Bag (Pretty Little Thing, £20, *) – //7 Snakeskin Bag w. Silver Details (New Look, £13, *) – //8 Snakeskin Bag w. Gold Details (H&M, £15) – //9 Nude Embellished Bag (Primark, £10) – //10 Quilted Bag (ASOS, £15, *)

I have recently fallen in love with small crossbody bags! The reason I haven’t a long time before is that I didn’t saw any purpose in them as they could not hold what I wanted them to. I never really wore bags unless I had to go to school and therefore needed a bag which could hold all of my stuff like my books and my laptop. Even though I never wore smaller bags like crossbody bags, I have always had a big clutch with me as my wallet. The reason I now have seen the potential in crossbody bags is that 1) they are super cute and 2) I can use them instead of my boring clutch and make my outfits even more stylish!

There are so many variations of crossbody bags out there, which is why I have found 10 examples of cute, fashionable crossbody bags for you, which are all £20 or less! Most of them are black as I think black can go with almost everything! I think that #1, #3, and #4 are the more “interesting” kinds of black crossbody bags as they are decorated with different kinds of buckles, brooches, and letters. #7, #8, and #10 are more classical black crossbody bags as they are very plain and can be worn with literally everything!

I personally would not wear black with light coloured outfits like if I only wore shades like white, baby pink, and light grey, as it in my mind totally ruins the aesthetic of the lighter colours. I would instead wear a bag that matches the colours of the outfit like #2, #6, and #9. A great tip would be to match your bag with your shoes.

If you are wearing an all-black outfit, which I do very often, a great way to make it more interesting is to add a pop of colour, which you definitely can do with #5! Again, you could choose to match your shoes with your bag or even include your lipstick shade in all of this matchy-matchy stuff!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as I really enjoyed making it for you! Let me know which crossbody bag from the collage was your favourite! I hope to see you back soon! xx

Links marked with (**) are items I got sent. Links marked with (*) are affiliate links. If you click the affiliate links and buy anything from them then I will make a small commision which will support my blog. If you are uncomfortable with affiliate links, then just search for the item on google.

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