//1 – Satin Shoulder Bag – //2 Bomber Jacket (*) – //3 Vinyl Skirt (*) – //4 Tailored Blazer – //5 Roll Neck Knit Dress (*) – //6 Sunglasses – //7 Crock Block Heels – //8 Flower Neck Tee – //9 Clear Heels – //10 Spiked Bag – //11 Satin Heels (*) – //12 Double Breasted Blazer – //13 Shopper Tote Bag – //14 Knit Dress with Split Sleeves (*) – //15 Hoop Earrings – //16 Fur Vest (*) – //17 Studded Cross Body Bag – //18 Floral Pencil Skirt – //19 Pearl Button Blazer – //20 Jeggins – //21 Clear Strap Heels (*) – //22 Crystal Cross Body Bag – //23 Plunge Dress – //24 Shirt – //25 Bracelet – //26 Long Cardigan – //27 Tee with Stripe Details – //28 Culottes – //29 Satin Sandals (*) – //30 Tote Bag

I have always thought that yellow was such a badass colour for a clothing item! I love people who rock colours like yellow. I think yellow items like coats, furs, blazers, and cardigans are the easiest to style as you can throw them over literally any kind of outfit! The blazer at #4 is my favourite blazer of the three I included in the collage above. You can pair it with an all black or all white outfit and even with a pair of denim jeans and a classic white tee! If you want to go all in, you can pair it with a pair of matching trousers like these which are by the same designer as the blazer.

Yellow accessories is a great way to incorporate more colour into your outfit. Take for example the sunglasses at #6, these sunglasses are all yellow – even the glass is yellow! They would really spice up an outfit! If you think yellow sunglasses are a bit too much or not your cup of tea, then shoes, bags, or jewellery might be a better option for you! I think the matching earrings and bracelet at #15 and #25 are so stunning and would easily give your outfit a nice pop of colour!

One of my favourite items from the collage is the yellow culottes at #28 as I think they are such an iconic item! I think they would look great paired with a white shirt and a white pair of court heels to elongate your legs. I am also totally in love with the knit dress at #14 which actually have split sleeves which you aren’t able to see on the picture in the collage, but if you click the link then be prepared to fall in love! I would style the dress with a wide waist belt in black and a pair of black thigh high boots! I am drooling at the thought of this outfit!

I hope I gave you some inspiration on how to style yellow items and that you now believe that you need at least one yellow item in your closet! Let me know what item of the collage is your favourite! Mine might be #14 aaaaaand I think I need to order it! Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope to see you back soon xxx

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