//1 Gold Horn Pendant Necklace (£6, *) – //2 Silver Pendant Necklace (£14) – //3 Linked Circle Pendant Necklace (£5, *) – //4 Vintage Multi-Row Necklace (£10, *) – //5 Silver Star Pendant Necklace (£7, *) – //6 Double Chain Pearl Necklace (£8, *) – //7 Birthstone Pendant Necklace (£8) – //8 Gold Double Coin Necklace (£7) – //9 Filigree Layered Choker Necklace (£10) – //10 Gold Diamante Pendant Necklace (£7)

Well… This is actually 9 necklaces under 10 pounds and 1 necklace under 15 pounds as I, for some reason, picked a necklace which retails for 14 pounds… I don’t know how that happened but it is stunning even though it is four pounds more. The necklace I am talking about is #2. The necklaces at #2, #5 (*) and #10 are in the same “genre” of necklaces according to me, as they all are pendant necklaces and contains some sort of stones. This kind of necklaces might be my favourites of all necklaces as I think they are so delicate and flattering!

The most of the necklaces from my collage are delicate and very simple. A style that is very hot right now is the layered necklaces. They can be bought as one necklace which looks like a layered necklace but there is only one clamp in the neck. All the layered necklaces I have included above (#4 (*), #6, and #9) only have one clamp which makes it so easy! You can, of course, buy individual necklaces and layer them which would make it very personal! Then you are able to mix and match your favourite necklaces and maybe mix in some necklaces with special meanings for you and even mix and match budget and luxury items. Maybe even mix metals if you are into that.

Another style in pendant necklaces I am so into right now is the coin necklaces which is seen in #4 (*) and #8. I think they are so fun and the individual coin necklaces (#8) will work very well as a layered necklace! The one at #7 might look a bit like a coin, but it isn’t. It is just a gold disk and then there is a little birthstone included in the chain as well. I just chose my own birthstone for July, but you will be able to find your own birthstone on the website.

I think my ultimate favourite necklace from the collage has to be #6 (*)! I think pearl details are so cute and super stunning! I really adore the look of this necklace and think it would look great paired with different kinds of outfits! I would love to know which necklace is your favourite, so let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! I think it is so fun to find items for when you are on a budget as I always get surprised at how many nice items you can get for a good price! I hope to see you back soon! xxx

Links marked with (**) are items I got sent. Links marked with (*) are affiliate links. If you click the affiliate links and buy anything from them then I will make a small commision which will support my blog. If you are uncomfortable with affiliate links, then just search for the item on google.

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