For long I have wanted to do some tutorials on both full glam brows and more natural brows. Benefit Cosmetics is right now hosting a competition called “Brow Search” where you have to recreate at least two of their five brow styles; Bold & Angular, Feathered, Crisp & Wisp, Natural, and Straight. Everyone can join this competition! Recreate two (or more) of their brow styles and share a picture of them on Instagram where you tag @benefitcosmetics, #benefitbrows and #benefitbrowsearch. The competition is ending April 30. This tutorial is for the Bold & Angular brow style which is my personal favourite!

To create bold and angular brows, I use brow pomade as it gives a nice edge to the brows. I used the NYX Cosmetics Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade (*) in two different shades; Brunette and Blonde. The reason I use two different shades is that one of them is too light and the other one is too dark. When I only use Brunette, I think my brows get a bit too dark. When I only use Blonde, you can clearly see that I have used a brow pomade because my hairs are darker than the pomade. To make the brow pomades creamy, I use the Inglot Duraline as I don’t think the pomades are creamy enough by itself. For brush, I use the Small Angled Liner Brush from Coastal Scents.

I started off by brushing through my brows with a clean spoolie. I had already dropped one drop of Duraline into both pomades so they would be nice and creamy when I should use them. I always use the lightest brow pomade, Blonde, at the… ehh… body of my brow? I don’t know what it is called, but you know, the thickest part of my brow. I always use the darkest brow pomade, Brunette, at the tail of my brow (the slimmest part of my brow). I started with the shade Blonde and worked my way from the top part of the brow to the bottom part and I applied it all the way out to the arch (where the brow bends) of the brow.

I then went in with Brunette on the tail. Here I always start with a straight line down the middle of the tail which will serve as a guideline. I then fill in the tail around the “guideline” and all the way up to the arch where I will blend the two shades together. I then clean up with concealer around my brows, mostly around the tail as that is where I need the most cleaning up to do. To complete the brows, I use the NYX Cosmetics Control Freak Eyebrow Gel to keep my brows in place!

I hope you enjoyed this brow tutorial and I would love to see a lot of you enter the competition as well! I hope you are having a great week so far! xx

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