This is my second brow tutorial on my blog and as the last one I did was for the bold and angular brows, this one is for the (in my opinion) more natural crisp and wisp brows. Benefit Cosmetics is right now hosting a competition called “Brow Search” where you have to recreate at least two of their five brow styles; Bold & Angular, Feathered, Crisp & Wisp, Natural, and Straight. Everyone can join this competition! Recreate two (or more) of their brow styles and share a picture of them on Instagram where you tag @benefitcosmetics, #benefitbrows and #benefitbrowsearch. The competition is ending April 30. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial!

To do these brows, I use the Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Eye Brow Pencil in the shade Brown. I always start out by brushing through my brows with a clean spoolie. Then, I go in with the pencil at the top of my brow and draw the top line and afterwards fill in my brow underneath the line I just made. I will then start filling in the part of my brow closest to my eye.

When the biggest part of my brow is done, I move on to the tail. Here I draw a line on the top part of the tail starting from the part of the brow I have already finished to where I want the brow to end. Then, I draw a line from the arch of my brow and connect it to the line I made before. Then I just fill out the eventually blank space between the two lines. At last, I use the NYX Cosmetics Control Freak Eyebrow Gel to keep my brows in place.

I hope you enjoyed this little eyebrow tutorial! Let me know in the comments what eyebrow shape is your favourite! I hope to see you back soon! xxx

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