//1 Oversized Belted Kimono (£18, *) – //2 Ankle Boots (£40, *) – //3 Off The Shoulder Wrap Midi Dress (£20, *) – //4 Bow Hoop Earrings (£6, *) – //5 Highlighter (£32, *) – //6 Ruffle Detail Blouse (£18, *) – //7 Moisturizing Beauty Essence (£38, *) – //8 Block Heel (£25, *) – //9 Embroidery Cross Body (£16, *) – //10 Bardot Frill Midi Dress (£20, *) – //11 Tassel Flat Mules (£30, *) – //12 Mesh Thong Body (£16, *) – //13 Studded Tote Bag (£28, *) – //14 Brightening Mask (£4.60, *) – //15 Flared Sleeve Blazer Dress (£35, *) – //16 Satin Wrap Midi Dress (£35, *) – //17 Highlighter (£32, *) – //18 Frayed Hem Denim Skirt (£20, *) – //19 Frill Blouse (£18, *) – //20 Perspex Court Heels (£30, *) – //21 Bardot Blazer (£15, *) – //22 Liquid Highlighter (£25, *) – //23 Blush (£6, *) – //24 Jumper Dress (£20, *) – //25 Triple Strap Block Heel (£25, *) – //26 Point Toe Court Heels (£65, *) – //27 Embellished Pearl Box Clutch (£35, *) – //28 Flared Sleeve Midi Dress (£20, *) – //29 Daily Moisturizing Cream (£39, *) – //30 Oversized Cord Trucker Jacket (£28, *)

In my world is the collage above probably the prettiest I have ever done! And I only say that because blush pink is my absolute favourite colour. I know that I have done a 30 SHADES OF PINK before, but pink and blush pink is not the same hahaha. In my 30 SHADES OF PINK, I included every possible shade of pink while in this 30 SHADES OF BLUSH, I only includes blush pink items.

Some of my favourite items from the collage might be some of the blouses, I especially adore the Ruffle Detail Blouse at #6 (*) as I am really into ruffles right now. I would style the blouse with a pair of either white or light denim blue jeans and a pair of nude heels and a matching nude bag. Another item I really adore that might not categorize as a blouse is the Bardot Blazer at #21 (*). I have always had a weakness for blazers, and since off the shoulder items are so in at the moment, this Bardot Blazer (*) would be perfect for me! I would wear the blazer with a white pencil skirt, nude heels or some nude mules like these and a matching nude or white bag.

Talking of mules, that is another thing I am totally obsessed with right now! It is a fairly new obsession of mine, so I just recently ordered a pair online which have not arrived yet – but I literally can not wait, and I can not wait to show them to you! I have also included a pair of mules in the collage, the Tassel Flat Mules at #11 (*). The ones I have ordered are not as colourfull and are actually just black bow mules. But if you already own a big collection of mules and are just as obsessed as I am, then these would a great buy as they are a bit different and eye-catching and would even go to a lot of different outfits! I think they would look great paired with both jeans, pants, skirts, etc. and they will even match a lot of coloured tops and dresses.

Now that we have talked a bit about fashion, I think it is time to talk a bit about beauty. In the collage I have included three blush coloured highlighters; two pressed highlighters (at #5 and #17) and a liquid one (at #22). Like many other people who are into beauty, I really adore highlighters. I am not the biggest fan of liquid ones, mostly because I am a bit afraid to use them because I am scared that they will ruin my foundation. I, therefore, use pressed highlighters most of the time. I think a blush pink highlighter is so stunning, and it somehow looks quite icy on my skin at least. I think a blush pink highlighter can look great on a broad variety of skin tones.

I could keep talking about these blush coloured items all day, but then I might end up boring you all, hahaha. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post – let me know what your favourite item is from the collage above! Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you back soon! xx

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  1. I’ve never really thought much about the color blush, but after seeing your post, I think I need to add it to my closet!

  2. I love those colors! I have always loved blush shades, but never had the funds to buy a lot of clothes…I will have to find a way. There are so many beautiful options available nowadays!

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