//1 Skinny Cat Eye Matte Black (£6, *) – //2 Small Metal Square Cat Eye (£10, *) – //3 Pink Lens Aviator (£6, *) – //4 Oversized Pink Cat Eye (£4, *) – //5 Tortoiseshell Slim Cat Eye (£8, *) – //6 Angular Brown Aviator (£6, *) – //7 Frameless Round Glasses (£8, *) – //8 Red Eye Frame (£6, *) – //9 Slim Black Cat Eye (£8, *) – //10 Square Cat Eye (£8, *)

It is summer so what better time than now to stock up on some cheap and fashionable sunglasses? All of the sunglasses I have included in the collage above are 10 pounds or less! Actually, only one of them is 10 pounds (the pair at #2 (*)) while the rest of them are 8 pounds or lower! Many of the styles of sunglasses I have included are very hot right now, but they might not be “in” next year. Only time will tell. So why use a lot of money on sunglasses that might go “out of fashion” in just one year? If you have the money to spend, then go ahead! I do not decide what you use your money on. But if you are on a budget or you might not even be sure that these styles of sunglasses will fit your face shape, then why not try a cheaper alternative before buying a more expensive pair?

My favourite style of sunglasses right now is the cat eye shaped ones, which is why I have included a lot of them in this post. I really like the skinny styles like the ones seen at #2, #5, #9, and #10 (*). My absolute favourite of them all might be the nude ones at #2 (*) as I think they are very versatile. I haven’t really included any white sunglasses, not because I couldn’t find any I liked, but because it is very hard to make the background of the photo transparent when the item is white. So if you like white sunglasses, #9 (*) is actually also available in white!

Sunglasses with coloured lenses is also very trendy this summer. I personally love the sunglasses with pink lenses, but they are available in a ray of different colours! I especially adore the aviators with pink lenses (*) as they are very retro and fun! If you don’t like the whole trend with eye-catching lenses, then you might want to take a look at the sunglasses at #4, #6, and #7 (*). I know the ones at #4 (*) still is a bit pink, but not as pink as the aviators (*), they are a bit more subtle. The ones at #6 (*) and #7 (*) have brown and black lenses, so they might be a better option for you if you don’t want any shade of pink lenses or other fancy colours. But even though they have brown and black lenses, the shape of the lenses are a bit different than the more popular styles of sunglasses like aviators.

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational post on sunglasses. Let me know if you have a favourite pair from the collage or what your typical style in sunglasses is! Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you back soon! xx

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  1. Love all of these glasses, I like how they all have a retro feel to them, my favorite are number 6!

    ~xo Sheree

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