Top row, L -> R
Snakeskin Metal Ring Case (£1.90) – Clear Case (£8) – Black Marble Case (£1) – Ivory PU Leather Case (£1)
Bottom row, L -> R
Brown Snakeskin Case (£1.70) – Clear Floral Case (£3) – Personalised Marble Case (£1.50) – Shockproof Case (£1)

7 out of 8 of the cases seen in the collage above are from eBay. The reason why is that I personally buy the most of my iPhone cases there as they are cheap and you can get some pretty cool ones! I do own the one to the left on the top row, and even though it is under 3 pounds is it still quite good quality. A case like this one is nice to wear with something like an all-black outfit if you want to make your outfit more exciting. If you are not into the whole door-knob situation, then I have included a case which looks like plain snakeskin. Both of the cases are available in other colours than shown.

If you are not into the whole snake-vibe but still like the animal vibe, then I think the PU leather case is more for you. I really like the look of this one and like that it is available in three different colours in total.

Other cases I like are the marble ones. In the collage, I have included two iPhone cases with marble, one plain and one that is personalised. The plain marble case is available in other colours as well and the personalised one is also available in other designs. The reason why I like marble cases is that I find them very feminine and they go with every outfit.

If you don’t want to “hide” your iPhone with a case, then I think a clear case is what you should get. You can still show off the back of your iPhone with this clear case with floral prints if you think an all-clear case gets too boring. The floral case is also available in other floral designs. You could also go for a case that matches the colour of your iPhone. In the collage, I have shown this case as red but it is available in a lot of other shades including the iconic iPhone colours like silver, gold, and rose gold!

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational post on where to get cheap iPhone cases. Remember when you are shopping on eBay not to get your hopes up too high. I once received iPhone cases that had no room for the buttons on the side of the phone (volume buttons and lock button). Please, let me know where you buy your iPhone cases and how much you are willing to spend on them! Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you back soon! xx

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