Top row (left to right)
//1 Sand Agate Silk Scarf (Weston, £75) – //2 Aspinal Signature Shield Silk Scarf (Aspinal of London, £95) – //3 Fendi Printed Silk Scarf (NET-A-PORTER, £130, *) – //4 Aspinal Feather Silk Scarf (Aspinal of London, £85)
Bottom row (left to right)
//5 Pegasus Silk Twill Scarf (Aspinal of London, £95) – //6 Gucci Printed Silk Scarf (NET-A-PORTER, £310, *) – //7 Horseshoe Silk Scarf (Aspinal of London, £95) – //8 Monmouth Fluorite Silk Scarf (Weston, £75)

Scarfs have become a big obsession of mine lately. I have not always been this into this kind of quadratic scarfs, but I love how versatile they are and how many ways you can use them to style up your outfit. The classic way would definitely be to tie it around your neck, which I think looks so classy! You can tie the scarf in many different ways, but the way I prefer it is something like how the Fendi scarf (*) in my collage above.

You can also use the scarf as a hair accessory! If the scarf is large enough, you can tie it around your head like a headband. My favourite way to use a scarf as a hair accessory is to tie it around a ponytail or a bun! Another way to wear a scarf on you is to use it as a bracelet! If you want to include a scarf into your outfit, but you don’t feel like wearing one, then you can tie it around the handle of your bag! This is another styling method I really adore!

I hope you liked this scarf inspiration! I am sorry that all of the scarfs I have included in my collage are rather pricey, but I could not find any budget-friendly scarfs that I was into, and I do not want to include anything I don’t like. A scarf does of course not have you cost you a minimum of £75. I think my favourite scarf from the collage might be the second one from the left in the top row! Let me know in the comments which scarf is your favourite and how you like to wear your scarfs! Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you back soon! xx

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