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How to style short dresses for fall

How to style short dresses for fall

Dresses from left to right
Burgundy Jumper Dress (New Look) // High Neck Bodycon Dress (Boohoo)
Grey Wrap Dress (Rosegal) // Corset Dress (Boohoo) // Khaki Belted Dress (New Look)

When we reach fall we often tend to put our dresses away until next year. With the right kind of styling you will still be able to wear your dresses such as a short grey dress. In this post, I will tell you how I would style the 5 dresses above for fall!

The first dress is the burgundy jumper dress which is of a think material and therefore will be perfect for fall! Because the dress will keep the most of your body warm I would pair it with some ankle boots like these lace up ones from Public Desire. The weather in Denmark does not allow bare legs in the fall so I would definitely wear some pantyhose or something to keep my legs just a bit warm when going outside.

The next dress is the high neck bodycon dress which I think is another perfect choice for fall! Because the dress is a bit shorter I would definitely pair it up with a pair of thigh high boots. I think a pair of black thigh high boots like these from Simmi would be perfect! Then I would choose my other accessories in black as well.

The grey wrap dress is a bit more of a summer dress but I really think you can make it work for fall as well! I would again pair it with some thigh high boots but because the dress is very simple I would chose some more eye-catching boots like these from Simmi which got a snake print on them! I would also wear some kind of a jacket when going out. I think a cool black leather jacket would look bomb with the rest of this outfit!

Corset dresses have been a big hit for a while now! I think it’s kind of a hit or miss. Some items looks cool while others simply don’t – in my opinion. The corset dress I have chosen in my collage above I actually like – otherwise I would not have chosen it, duuuh? But this is again a dress that looks like it got a bit of warmth to it. Because of its length I would again pair it with some thigh high boots but this time a grey pair like these from Public Desire. I think the shade of the dress and those thigh high boots would be such a perfect match! With a grey pair of boots I would also make the rest of my accessories grey.

The last dress is the khaki belted dress which looks like it is made out of a thin material. We therefore need something to keep us warm which is why I would style it with some nude or brown shaded over the knee boots like these ruched ones from Simmi. I think a shade like this would look so stunning next to the khaki shade of the dress. I would wear accessories in that same nude/brown shade like the boots or black.

I hope this gave you some kind of inspiration. I guess the moral of this post is always to add boots to make your outfit fall worthy! Let me know in the comments which one of these dresses is your absolute favourite and tell me how you would style it!

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Items for your fall wardrobe!

Items for your fall wardrobe!

//1 Double Breasted Coat (Boohoo) – //2 Red Ankle Boots (Public Desire)
//3 Nude Turtleneck (Boohoo) – //4 Faux Fur Coat (Boohoo)
//5 Black Ankle Boots (NA-KD) – //6 Knitted Jumper Dress (Boohoo)
//7 Black Thigh High Boots (Public Desire)

In Denmark the fall came hard this year! I feel like it have been raining every day since we hit the first of September. I need to update my wardrobe for fall which I will do with clothing items from Boohoo and boots from shops like NA-KD.

I have been on the lookout for a nice coat the last two years now but haven’t found any that really was what I am dreaming about. A coat I find really stylish is the brown double breasted coat from Boohoo. I really like the collar of it but would have loved if it was more of a trench coat style with a belt to enhance your figure as that is more what I am looking after.

For fall I love to wear a lot of knitwear, sweaters, and turtlenecks. One I think I need to add to my fall wardrobe is this nude turtleneck from boohoo. I really love turtlenecks and they are so easy to style and wear. A turtleneck like this you could wear with whatever shade of jeans – cowboy, black, khaki, even leather pants could look so cool with this one! Maybe I need a pair of leather pants as well? I think I just inspired myself hahahah 😉

Another thing I have been wanting for fall for ages now is a faux fur coat. I found this one from the collage from Boohoo and totally fell in love! I think a faux fur coat like this one would look stunning and super stylish with a pair of ankle boots, both neutrals and some more colourful ones. One of my favourite black ankle boots I own are these from NA-KD which I also included in the collage. They look so stylish and are so comfortable to wear! A pair of more colourful ankle boots I have been having my eyes on for a long period of time is these red ones from Public Desire. They are available in other colours as well but I just really have fallen for the red shade and thought they would be a fun pop of colour.

A big hit last fall was thigh high boots and a cute dress like this knitted one from Boohoo. I think this is going to be a big trend again this year and as I finally got around buying a pair of thigh high boots, I will definitely get a lot wear out of my shorter dresses for this fall and winter. I think the knitted dress from the collage above would look stunning with a pair of thigh high boots and maybe a faux leather belt to complete the look!

What are your must-have fall item and what trend are you looking the most forward for? Tell me all about it in the comments! Also let me know whats your favourite item from the collage above!

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How to look bomb on a budget with tunic tups online!

How to look bomb on a budget with tunic tups online!

//1 Black Tea Length Dress (dresslily) – //2 Black Leather Crop Top (New Look)
//3 Gold Earrings (TopShop) – //4 Lace Blouse (Boohoo) – //5 Fur Vest (New Look)
//6 Grey Tunic Top (dresslily) – //7 Silver Earrings (TopShop) – //8 Snake Booties (Ego)

It really isn’t that hard looking bomb AF on a budget! Here I show you 8 items, like tunic tops online and tea length dresses online, which could pump up your wardrobe and upgrade your outfits so know one would ever guess you were on a budget!

A black dress is a stable item in every woman’s wardrobe. If you are looking for a perfect black dress that would match every possible event (from datenight, meetings, lunch with your in laws, or even a walk in the park) then a black tea length dress is the way to go!

For the more “wild” outfits I love the black leather crop top which would look sooooo stunning paired with a leather skirt! To turn up the outfit even more I would pair it with some black heels and definitely a diamond choker to get allllll the attention! Accessories and jewellery are perfect for taking an outfit up a notch. Earrings are always a big hit here and I especially love the gold ones and the silver ones which I have shown in the collage above.

If you don’t feel like wearing any eye-catching jewellery then I would go for a stunning lace blouse. The one in the collage is an all lace blouse so it is see-trough! If you are not into all that see-trough stuff – like me – then I would wear a tight top underneath which will be matching whatever colour you are wearing on you bottoms or black to match the lace blouse. I think everthing would look perfect with the lace blouse – everything from jeans to skirts!

If you are heading towards fall and winter like I am and have no clue about what kind of warm jacket you should get this year. Then I would suggest looking into a fur vest (the one shown is faux fur). You can throw this over so many items and it will only take your outfit to the next level! If you don’t think you can keep warm in a fur vest then I would suggest pairing it with a leather jacket!

A tunic top is such a cute piece of clothing. I really enjoy the grey tunic top I have showed you above and would pair it with a pair of black slim jeans and shoes fitting the weather. You can chose to pair it with some cute heels or even the grey snake booties from the collage! I have totally fallen in love with the snake booties and really need them in my wardrobe for the upcoming fall and winter!

If you are on a budget, then how are you managing to look bomb AF? Tell me in the comments and also let me know which item in the collage is your favourite! Mine is a 100% the snake booties!

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Review: Knitted Dress and Rhinestone Choker

Review: Knitted Dress and Rhinestone Choker

I have received two items from which is a long sweater dress in black grey and a silver emboss floral rhinestone choker. I have never ordered anything from the shop before so I didn’t know what to expect. I have been looking on the site before though and have always thought it reminded me a bit of eBay, not that there are different sellers but because the images of the items isn’t staged the same way like other webshops would do.

The item of the two I was looking the most forward to was the rhinestone choker! It looks exactly like the photos on the website which really pleases me! I don’t think you should order this choker if you got a larger neck as I closed mine in the outer part of of the chain where I with other chokers normally close them in the inner part. But it looks so good on – I love it so much! When I was putting it on for the second time one of the big stones which makes the flowers fell off. Luckily I was at home and found it again and could glue it right back on. If you want to make sure that none of the stones fall off when you are out and about then I would recommend that you try to wiggle them a bit to see if any are loose and then take them off and glue them on with superglue.

Now on to the knitted dress! My first thought when I got it out of the packaging was that it smelled wired. I don’t know how I should describe the smell but it smelled kind of old. Another thing I noticed straight away was that the dress looks a bit darker in real life than on the pictures on their website. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the lightning at the studio or what, but it is a bit more black in real life. I immediately tried it on and noticed it didn’t sit as tight to my body as I imagined it would from looking at the pictures on their webshop. I still think the dress looks cute and I will definitely get wear out of it after I have washed it. I am not the biggest fan of loose fitted dresses – I like my figure 😉 – so I think I would style it with a wide waist belt like this one from boohoo (I will definitely upload an outfit post as soon as I can style the dress as I desire!). The last thing I have to say about the dress is that it is itchy and if there is one thing I simply can’t stand… It is itchy clothing. I have been reading some tips and tricks on how to make it stop being itchy and will definitely keep you posted if I find a method that works!

I think you are able to find some really cute pieces on if you are on a budget. I would definitely recommend checking the size measurements and maybe reconsider if you will fit a one-size because even though my measurements would fit the one-sized jumper dress, it was still too big. Have you tried anything from If you have, then let me know your opinion in the comments!

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Summer Dress Wishlist: Backless Dresses and Nude Bodycons

Summer Dress Wishlist: Backless Dresses and Nude Bodycons

Dresses from left to right:
Floral Backless Dress (Rosegal) // Silky Kimono (MissGuided) // Black Backless Dress (ASOS)
Suede Bodycon Dress (Rosegal) // Bandeau Bodycon Dress (Pretty Little Thing)

We are more than halfway through the summer but it is never too late to be looking for a perfect summer dress! I here included dresses like a backless dress as well as a brown bodycon dress which I think is examples of the perfect dress for summer!

As you might already have noticed, I really enjoy backless dresses! The first thing I really like about them is that you won’t be able to overheat because the dress is backless! The second thing is that they look so stylish! I think both of the backless dresses (first one to the left and the one in the middle) are totally stunning and could easily look even more stylish if they got styled with some cute summer heels!

The to dresses to the right are both bodycon dresses which is a type of dress I absolutely adore! Bodycon dresses are able to put all the focus on your curves which is the reason I like them so much! You will also able to find a variety of styles when looking at bodycon dresses – for example the two I have chosen. My favourite of the two bodycon dresses in the collage above got to be the one far right as I think it is easier to style with a cute pair of heels and maybe a crystal choker.

The last dress might be my absolute favourite of them all! It is the kimono dress (second to the left). I really enjoy some more loose fitted dresses when the weather is hot and especially when they are made of a more light-weight material like the kimono. I think the kimono look so chic and stylish! I would make it even more stylish with some white heels and a lot of jewellery! I even think both silver and gold jewellery with look great with this dress!

What is your definition of the perfect summer dress? Let me know in the comments!

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