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Items for your fall wardrobe!

Items for your fall wardrobe!

//1 Double Breasted Coat (Boohoo) – //2 Red Ankle Boots (Public Desire)
//3 Nude Turtleneck (Boohoo) – //4 Faux Fur Coat (Boohoo)
//5 Black Ankle Boots (NA-KD) – //6 Knitted Jumper Dress (Boohoo)
//7 Black Thigh High Boots (Public Desire)

In Denmark the fall came hard this year! I feel like it have been raining every day since we hit the first of September. I need to update my wardrobe for fall which I will do with clothing items from Boohoo and boots from shops like NA-KD.

I have been on the lookout for a nice coat the last two years now but haven’t found any that really was what I am dreaming about. A coat I find really stylish is the brown double breasted coat from Boohoo. I really like the collar of it but would have loved if it was more of a trench coat style with a belt to enhance your figure as that is more what I am looking after.

For fall I love to wear a lot of knitwear, sweaters, and turtlenecks. One I think I need to add to my fall wardrobe is this nude turtleneck from boohoo. I really love turtlenecks and they are so easy to style and wear. A turtleneck like this you could wear with whatever shade of jeans – cowboy, black, khaki, even leather pants could look so cool with this one! Maybe I need a pair of leather pants as well? I think I just inspired myself hahahah ūüėČ

Another thing I have been wanting for fall for ages now is a faux fur coat. I found this one from the collage from Boohoo and totally fell in love! I think a faux fur coat like this one would look stunning and super stylish with a pair of ankle boots, both neutrals and some more colourful ones. One of my favourite black ankle boots I own are these from NA-KD which I also included in the collage. They look so stylish and are so comfortable to wear! A pair of more colourful ankle boots I have been having my eyes on for a long period of time is these red ones from Public Desire. They are available in other colours as well but I just really have fallen for the red shade and thought they would be a fun pop of colour.

A big hit last fall was thigh high boots and a cute dress like this knitted one from Boohoo. I think this is going to be a big trend again this year and as I finally got around buying a pair of thigh high boots, I will definitely get a lot wear out of my shorter dresses for this fall and winter. I think the knitted dress from the collage above would look stunning with a pair of thigh high boots and maybe a faux leather belt to complete the look!

What are your must-have fall item and what trend are you looking the most forward for? Tell me all about it in the comments! Also let me know whats your favourite item from the collage above!

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Win an item from NA-KD!

Win an item from NA-KD!

Trumpet Sleeve Top (NA-KD) // Knitted High Slit Top (NA-KD) // Wrap Kimono (NA-KD)

Hello angels! Rabble and NA-KD teamed up and made this gorgeous giveaway, where 10 winners will get the opportunity to win an item from NA-KD’s own brand! All you have to do is follow @rabbleofficial and @nakdfashion on instagram and like and comment on THIS picture on Rabbles instagram! Be sure to read the rules posted with the picture on Rabbles instagram. I think this is a really nice giveaway because NA-KD reeeeally got some awesome items!

Above I have found three pieces that I would like to see in my own wardrobe. The trumpet sleeve top would look so stylish with a tight midi skirt and some cute heels. Also a nice diamond choker would compliment it so much! If you love diamond chokers – like me! – but down have the money to spend on the real deal, then click here to see some affordable options! The knitted slit top I think I would pair with some slim, black jeans and some ankle boots like the ones the model already wears. And then to really make the outfit pop, I would put it together with some eye-catching jewellery! The last one, the wrap kimono, I would pair with some white jeans – maybe some ripped, white jeans – and then some cool silver heels and a lot of silver jewellery – maybe another diamond choker? Hahahahah, I can’t get enough of them!

I really adore all three pieces, but if I had to choose, I would definitely go for the trumpet sleeve top! There’s just something about it that I love! If you don’t think that you’re going to be one of the 10 lucky winners, then got a 12% discount on their website just now! Good luck to all of you who enter the giveaway <3

Update your wardrobe on a budget!

Update your wardrobe on a budget!

Earrings (Everneed) // Scarf (Gustav) // Duster Coat (DAY)
Watch (Cluse) // Boots (More Than Basic)

It’s a new year which means it’s time to update the wardrobe! A good thing to do is to clean up in your closet; out with all the stuff you no longer use and in with some new, good stuff! Remember to recycle or donate your old clothes! A must-have right now got to be a duster coat and some boots! A great way to make the duster coat the perfect fit for your wardrobe is to pick it in your absolute favourite colour! For me the one above from DAY would be a perfect match because I simply love all shades of pink! As I mentioned before, boots is a big hit right now! Everything from stylish ankle boots to fashionable thigh high boots! You can get them in all the colours you can think of! I would like a pair of any kind of boots in every colour of the rainbow, please! Another thing you can never have to many of is watches. I have for a long time been in love with the brand Cluse and now that they’re finally sold in Denmark, maybe I should get my hands on one!

The money might not be big in the month of January, but don’t loose hope! Many stores are having their big January Sales right now, so why waste any time! I like to go looking for the best sales at, here they collect discount codes from a lot of online stores so we don’t have to look for them ourself! One of the January sales I enjoy the most is this one from They got so many cool styles on their webshop and with the January Sale you can make a really good deal! What is your absolute must-have in your new wardrobe?

My new year resolution for 2017!

My new year resolution for 2017!

Top // Sportsbra similar here
Shorts similar here & here // Training shoes similar here

Happy New Year everybody! I’m so sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted anything, but right now I am studying for my January exams and got the first one the 10th in this month so I got a lot going on!

Today I wanted to chat with you about my new years resolution! I always make one.. I don’t know why but I never feel like I keep up to them hahahahah. But this time I really want to make an effort! This year my new years resolution is to get healthier! I fill my body with a lot of junk and candy but now I want to make a difference! I might not be the most unhealthy human in the entire world hahah, but I really want to eat more vegestables and fruits while I also want to cut down on the junk I eat. It’s not like I’m never going to eat sweets again, but just not as much! My boyfriend is also with me in it which I think is going to make it a lot easier because we live together and eat the same stuff.

I also want to become a little more focused at the gym. I have been working out the last 3-4 years now and have seen some results – I got giant thighs when I flex hahahah. I think I haven’t seen so that many results because of my diet. The diet is like the most important thing so if you got a shitty diet there won’t be many results. I also supply my diet with protein powder which I have been doing for the last year. I didn’t do it when I first started working out – which I regret – but I lived at my moms house and didn’t want any complications because of some protein powder – I do not know if there would be any, but I didn’t dare to take the risk hahah. Now I know that she also know how important proteins is because she is working out herself. A protein powder I really enjoyed is the Bodylab Whey 100 in the flavour Ultimate Chocolate which you can find here.

That was my new years resolution – let me know your’s in the comments!

Eight exampels on the perfect christmas dress

Eight exampels on the perfect christmas dress


First row (left to right)
Green Dress – Tiger of Sweden // Sparkle Dress – NLY Trend // Green Velvet Dress – NA-KD // One Shoulder Dress – ASOS

Second row (left to right)
Red Satin Dress – NA-KD // Pencil Dress – ASOS // V Neck Dress – Goddiva // Sparkle Dress – NLY One

It’s already the 6th of december, christmas eve is already around the corner! Time passes by so fast I can’t believe it! I am always on the hunt for the perfect dress, who aren’t? This time I have been looking after the perfect chrismas dress! When I think of christmas the colours red and green pop into my head, so of course the perfect dress got to be one of these colours! Above I have found eight different dresses for you! In my opinion, all of these dresses is just perfect for christmas! I found them all using the website On this website there is listed a¬†lot of discount codes from different online stores! It is so simple to use and you don’t have to look everywhere to find a code! The website is in danish, swedish, norwegian and polish. If you don’t understand any of these languages, then don’t be afraid to use Google Translate!

In Denmark we celebrate christmas eve, we don’t have any christmas morning. We gather with our family on the 24th of december where ee eat some delicious food, like duck or roasted pork, and sing and dance around the christmas three and give each other presents afterwards. My favourite dress of all of the above has to be the sparkly one from NLY (bottom right corner). I mean wauw, I am reeeeeally in love with this one! I think it is so elegant and I love the sparkly detail! That would be my ultimate perfect christmas dress! If you also got a huge crush on this dress, then is offering 30% off right now! Better hurry before its gone <3 Right now I am dying to know, what your definition on a perfect christmas dress is! Let me know in the comments down below!

Find tilbud på julegaverne med Rabble!

Find tilbud på julegaverne med Rabble!


Vi har allerede haft den f√łrste s√łndag i advent, og kalenderen siger den f√łrste december. Julen n√¶rmer sig! Selv er jeg altid d√•rlig til at v√¶re i julestemning – jo, det er da hyggeligt nok, men jeg synes nogen gange, at alt det jul godt kan tage lidt overh√•nd.. Is√¶r med hensyn til nisser! Min k√¶reste har altid kaldt mig for en n√•s√•er (hvis du ikke har set The Julekaldender, s√• ved du ikke hvad dette begreb betyder, men jeg kan fort√¶lle sig s√• meget, at det er en der hader julen) hahaha. Jeg synes selvf√łlgelig det er hyggeligt i sm√• m√¶ngder optil juleaften, og synes da bestemt ogs√•, at juleaften er hyggelig! Jeg nyder is√¶r alt den tid man tilbringer med familien! Selv skal jeg i √•r holde lille Juleaften hos min mor, og Juleaften hos min far.

Vi har som sagt lige haft den f√łrste s√łndag i advent. Da jeg var yngre plejede jeg altid at f√• adventsgaver af min mor og far. Det kunne v√¶re alt fra en neglelak til noget leget√łj. Og nu hvor jeg er flyttet hjemmefra, ja… S√• f√•r jeg faktisk stadig adventsgaver! Hahahah, helt voksen bliver man vel aldrig ūüėČ Ved denne f√łrste s√łndag i advent fik jeg grej til at g√łre mig og min k√¶restes lejlighed rent med, plus noget slik som bel√łnning. Jeg m√• dog √¶rligt indr√łmme, at jeg gik i slikket f√łrst, h√¶h√¶h√¶. Min k√¶restes mor er ogs√• s√• s√łd, at give os adventsgaver, heri fik vi hver vores skrabe julekaldender – s√• lad os da krydse fingrer for, at der er en million kroner i min!

Nu hvor vi endelig er i december m√•ned betyder det jo, at der ikke er s√• forf√¶rdelig l√¶nge til jul! Det er selvf√łlgelig altid rart, at kunne spare lidt p√• julegaverne – is√¶r n√•r man er p√• SU, og ikke har s√¶rlig mange penge til r√•dighed, men stadig vil fork√¶le dem man holder af. Her synes jeg, at er en helt fantastisk hjemmeside! Her kan du nemlig se de aktuelle tilbud hos flere forskellige netbutikker! Jeg kan is√¶r godt lide, at tjekke sortimentet ud hos! Desuden, s√• kommer man i fantastisk julehum√łr af deres hjemmeside, der i den grad er pyntet op til jul! Hvilke hjemmesider er dine yndlings, at lave juleshopping hos? Fort√¶l mig mere omkring det i kommentarerne!

Black Friday med Rabble

Black Friday med Rabble


Række 1
Nederdel – Asos // Kjole – Boohoo // Jakke – Rut&Circle // Jumpsuit – NLY One

Række 2
Kjole – Asos // Bustier – NLY One // Co-Ord – Boohoo // Skjorte – Gina Tricot

En tradition som hurtigt har taget verden med storm er Black Friday, hvilket er nu p√• fredag. Her k√łrer butikkerne – b√•de fysiske og online butikker – med helt vanvittige tilbud! F√łrste gang jeg selv var til Black Friday, var for tre eller fire √•r siden, siden da har jeg benyttet mig af tilbudende hvert √•r. Hos kan man hurtigt f√• overblik over en masse aktuelle tilbud hos forskellige hjemmesider s√• som Asos, Nelly, Boohoo og mange, mange flere! Det er i hvert fald her jeg skal tjekke de forskellige tilbud for Black Friday ud! Der er ikke l√¶ngere kun tilbud om fredagen, mange butikker varmer op med tilbud dagene optil. Derudover er web butikkerne ogs√• begyndt p√• noget de kalder for Cyber Monday, her k√łrer de ogs√• med vilde tilbud. S√• er der noget du l√¶nge har dr√łmt om – eller bare gerne vil ud p√• en fed shopping tur – s√• er det nu p√• fredag det skal ske!

Ovenover har jeg fundet nogle eksempler p√•, hvad jeg godt kunne finde p√• at g√• efter til Black Friday eller Cyber Monday. Jeg er is√¶r vild med Jumpsuiten og Co-Ord s√¶ttet, der begge er af velour. Jeg har altid haft en svaghed for velour; da jeg var lille, var mine yndlingsbukser orange og af velour! Jaha, det var ikke for sjov! Jeg kan slet ikke forst√• mennesker der hader velour, jeg synes det er noget af det mest behagelige at r√łre ved, og synes samtidig ogs√• det er s√•√•√•√• smukt at se p√•! En anden ting, der ikke er fashion relateret, som jeg ved, at jeg skal have fat i, er en Paint Pot fra Mac! Man ser alle youtubere bruge dem, s√• er n√łdt til selv, at f√• fat i s√•dan en! Hvis du skal ud og shoppe til Black Friday, og/eller Cyber Monday, hvad g√•r du s√• efter? Fort√¶l mig det i kommentarerne!