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Three ways to style laced bodysuit

Three ways to style laced bodysuit

Left outfit
Bodysuit // Jeans // Bomber Jacket // Stilettos

Middle outfit
Bodysuit // Leather Skirt // Blazer // Thigh High Boots

Right outfit
Bodysuit // Lace Skirt // Bag // Heels

I think the lace bodysuit is a tough one. Not in styling matter but I think it easily becomes too much. That is just my personal opinion if you like an all-see-through lace bodysuit then you do you. But personally I would prefer something to cover my breast which is why I chose to style this bodysuit in particular. Once again I have created three completely different look around the same item.

The first outfit, the one to the left, is in my opinion a more everyday casual outfit. When I think of a lace bodysuit I don’t think many people think of it as everyday wear but if you dress it down then I definitely think it would be appropriate to wear. I think the ripped jeans and the bomber jacket does a really good job in getting this bodysuit down to earth but still makes it look feminine.

The middle outfit is a bit more stylish with the thigh high boots and leather skirt. A nice detail to this outfit would be some silver jewellery to match the zip in the skirt and a black leather bag. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing this for an everyday look but I don’t think I would mind at all!

The third and last outfit to the right is a bit more of a going-out-on-a-date-outfit. For some reason I don’t know the difference of an everyday-outfit and a going-out-on-a-date-outfit as I properly would wear this for everyday as well. I really like how both the skirt and bodysuit got laces and I think they compliment each other really well even though they are not even from the same website. To make sure the laces get all the attention in this outfit I chose to style it with nude shoes and a nude bag. To accessorise this outfit even more you could always add some gold jewellery to match the handle at the bag. Let me know in the comments which outfit is your absolute favourite!

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Three ways to style White Ripped Jeans

Three ways to style White Ripped Jeans

First outfit (left to right)
Pink Knit (Topshop) // Ripped Jeans (Topshop)
Metallic Box Clutch (ASOS) // Silver Ankle Boots (New Look)

Second outfit
Frill Sleeve Bodysuit (New Look) // Ripped Jeans (Topshop)
Black Tote Bag (Skinnydip) // Yellow Lace Up Heels (Simmi Shoes)

Third outfit
Striped Bardot Top (New Look) // Ripped Jeans (Topshop)
Embroidered Lace Up Platforms (Public Desire) // Embroidered Satchel (New Look)

I got a thing for ripped jeans at the moment. I like every pair I see and just want to buy them all hahah! I think ripped jeans can look so stylish and chic even through they’re… you know, ripped. I don’t think I ripped jeans categorise as “women-like” or whatever you want to call it, but I really think they can be styled to look feminine and classy. I’ve styled the same pair of white ripped jeans, but in three different ways.

The first outfit combo is always something I think of when it comes to white jeans in generel. I’ve always paired white jeans with a pink top in any kind, so this was an obvious combination for me to make. I really think that the silver ankle boots and clutch would go perfect with this look! Unfortunately, the silver ankle boots I chose for this look is out of stock right now, but I found these which could be a good substitute.

If I should choose my favourite outfit from the ones above, it should be the second! I think bodysuits goes with everything and especially high waisted, ripped jeans like these! The thing I really love about this bodysuit is the sleeves, they’re so special and really takes the outfit up a notch! I chose a black bag because I didn’t want to take too much attention away from the sleeves, but I didn’t want to make the entire outfit black and white, so I chose to style it with some yellow heels, which really goes well with the rest of the outfit, especially because it’s more of a pastel yellow.

I also really enjoy the third outfit. I think the bardot shirt is so perfect for the white ripped jeans. When I think of a bardot shirt like the one I’ve used here, “girly” and “cute” comes to my mind. It’s not like you can’t wear a bardot shirt if you don’t feel girly or cute, but because I think it is a perfect match for a more “rocked” and “wild” bottom, like the ripped jeans, which is why I paired them. I really enjoy embroideries right now and it seems like everyone else does to! I really think the bag and platforms matches each other so well and goes perfect with the blue and white striped bardot top!

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Three Ways To Style Faux Fur Coat

Three Ways To Style Faux Fur Coat

Left Outfit
Faux Fur (Quandisha) // Bodysuit (Boohoo)
Leather Pants (H&M) // Velvet Heels (Public Desire)

Middle Outfit
Faux Fur (Chic Wish) // Jumpsuit (Boohoo) // Stilettos (Public Desire)

Right Outfit
Faux Fur (Quandisha) // Dress (H&M) // Ankle Boots (Simmi)

I think faux fur coats look so stylish! With a pretty faux fur coat I would go all in with the rest of the outfit as well. In the picture above I’ve shown three different faux fur coats and how I would like to style each them, which you can se can be done in many different ways! I especially love the green faux fur, I really need it in my life hahahah!

The first outfit – the one to the left – looks a bit more tough than the others, which I really like! But at the same time it is also very classic in my opinion. I like the leather and the fur together, it makes such a good couple if you ask me! The outfit in the middle is a bit more different than the other two. The reason I think that is because of the pattern on the faux fur which makes it so cool! I think some big, silver jewellery would look so perfect with this! I keep thinking about a danish brand called Kant by Rahbek. She makes the most beautiful and unique earrings, which would compliment this look so much! I can’t describe how much i love the last outfit with the green faux fur, I’m speechless hahahah! I really love the dress and if you click the link you will see the cool details on the sleeves of it – I really need to own this dress! This got to be my favourite outfit from the three above! Let me know in the comments witch of these outfits are your favourite! You can always add some cool jewellery to the outfits, which really would make the outfit more personal!

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Three ways to style mom jeans

Three ways to style mom jeans

Style 1
Crop top // Jeans // Platform Heels

Style 2
Bodysuit // Jeans // Lace Up Heels

Style 3
Shirt // Jeans // Belt // Heels

Some women think that it is difficult to style the mom jeans, but it actually isn’t! I think mom jeans can look so chic if they are styled the right way, so here you got three ways to style mom jeans! I myself got some mom jeans from Levi’s which actually is mens jeans, but whatever! They look so good! Another example of mom jeans could be these from ASOS which is a bit more affordable. I prefer when mom jeans is high waisted and are rolled up at the ankles.

In the first style I chose to style it with a crop top, which I think is a very good go-to style! You can style it with any crop top you want! Some other ideas for a crop top could be this turtleneck one. But again, you can style it with any crop top you want! In style two I chose another go-to style after my opinion. I styled the mom jeans with a bodysuit because I also think that any bodysuit could go with a pair of mom jeans! Examples of other bodysuits could be this ribbed one or this one with laces, so sexy! Another outfit could be with a simple shirt like in style three. To max up the outfit a bit more, I paired it with a leopard belt. Another shirt to style the mom jeans with could be this shirt with badges! It is super cool! I’m simply in love with everything with badges or embroidery!

That was my three styling tips for mom jeans, but remember: there isn’t any right or wrong way to style them! Style them the way you wan’t to! Slay with those jeans! <3

3 ways to style a choker

3 ways to style a choker


Fra venstre mod højre
Outfit 1
Choker – Newlook // Kjole – Wear All // Sko – Newlook

Outfit 2
Choker – Asos // Bodysuit – Topshop // Jeggings – H&M // Sko – Public Desire

Outfit 3
Choker – Boohoo // Co-ord set – Boohoo // Sko – Public Desire

Chokeren fra outfit 1 har i set før, faktisk i dette indlæg. Men det var den der gav mig inspiration til, at lave dette indlæg til jer: how to style chokers. Personligt synes jeg, at chokers går med alt! Ovenfor har jeg sammensat tre forskellige looks med tre forskellige chokers – de kommer nemlig i mange forskellige slags! Selvfølgelig kunne man også bruge andre chokers til de forskellige outfits, eksempelvis en af blonder. Mit favorit outfit af de ovenstående må helt klart være nummer 3, hvilket er dit?

3 ways to style a pleated skirt

3 ways to style a pleated skirt

Skærmbillede 2016-08-30 kl. 12.09.05

Look 1
Wrap Bodysuit // Pleated Skirt // Heels

Look 2
Choker Bandeau Bodysuit // Pleated Skirt // Heels

Look 3
Turtleneck // Pleated Skirt // Ankle Boots

Jeg har endelig fået en pleated nederdel i min garderobe! Min nye nederdel er fra, dog synes jeg ikke, at jeg kan finde lige præcis den jeg har købt på deres webshop. På billederne har jeg taget udgangspunkt i den samme nederdel, hvilken er i PU leather. Jeg har i de tre ovenstående links til Pleated Skirts fundet nogle gode alternativer til jer, dog er de ikke alle sammen i PU leather.