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Top row (L -> R)
Happy Endings Tee (Ganni, £70) // ACDC Tee (Pretty Little Tings, £15*) // Girls Tee (Double Trouble Gang, £74) // Gucci Ghost Tee (Pink-Uzi, £25)

Bottom row (L -> R)
Gucci Tiger Tee (Gucci, £390) // PRADA Tee (Pink-Uzi, £25) // Paris Front Tie Tee (New Look, £10*) // Sunday Tee (Pretty Little Tings, £10*)

It has been a while since I have last written a post about anything fashion. I want to start writing more about it which is why I came up with this idea for a new fashion series which I have called “Why You Should Add It To Your Wardrobe”. Every time I will choose a new category of fashion, like this time I have chosen graphic tees, and show you some great examples of it and explain why I think this piece of fashion belongs in your wardrobe! So now, let’s get this new series started!

I have found eight cool graphic tees and shown you them in the collage above. I have found graphic tees in all price ranges so there is a bit for everyone! The reason I think you should add graphic tees to your wardrobe is because they can be worn with anything and you can dress them up or just wear them if you feel like you got nothing to wear. I think you can wear a graphic tee with both jeans or a skirt. I feel like ripped jeans especially go well with graphic tees and maybe with a pair of heels and lots of jewellery to glam it up a bit. Another cool outfit idea would be pairing a cool graphic tee tucked into a pencil leather skirt, imagine the pink “Girls” tee from the collage above styled with the pencil leather skirt like that! The last outfit inspiration I want you to give you is to pair a graphic tee with a suit and a pair of heels.

What do you think about graphic tees and which one is your favourite from the collage? My favourite is the Ghost Gucci one and I have actually have had my eyes on it for a while now… Maybe I have just convinced myself to buy it?

Links marked with (**) are items I got sent. Links marked with (*) are affiliate links. If you click the affiliate links and buy anything from them then I will make a small commision which will support my blog. If you are uncomfortable with affiliate links, then just search for the item on google.

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