//1 Vintage Buckle Belt (Saint Laurent, £340) – //2 Embellished Snake Belt (Gucci, £770) – //3 Seashell Buckle Belt (Versace, £590) – //4 Icon Buckle Belt (Dsquared2, £260) – //5 Metallic Buckle Belt (Alberta Ferretti, £405) – //6 Leather Square Buckle Belt ( Givenchy, £310) – //7 Medusa Belt (Versace, £320) – //8 GG Logo Belt (Gucci, £320)

Belts are actually a newer obsession of mine. I never really understood why people liked fancy and eye-catching belts as I never wore anything that would show off my belt. As I have gotten older, I realised how cool outfits with visible belts are! Like when a T-shirt is tucked into high waisted jeans, trousers or skirts, that might be one of my favourite examples of why I have become a lover of belts. Also, a dress with a belt around the waist is a winner in my opinion!

When talking about belts from luxury brands, I would normally go for something different or something which is easily recognizable as a luxury brand. Belts like #6, #7, and #8 are those types of belts which I would describe as easily recognizable, as they all have the logo of the brand as the buckle. These types of belts would be great for the tucked-in-Tshirt-outfits I talked about before!

Also, belt #1 and #4 would be great for these kinds of outfits as they are very simple and can give a nice edge to an outfit! Even trough these belts don’t have anything logo-like as the ones I talked about before but I still think these belts would be worth the money as they are very stylish.

The belts at #2, #3, and #5 are some more colourfull belts which I think would look amazing around the waist when you are wearing dresses or even paired with one coloured outfits like all-white or all-black outfits for a pop of colour. If I had to choose one belt from the collage above as my favourite, then I have to go with #2 as I think it is a very unique and eye-catching belt!

Thank you so much for reading this posts, I hope to see you back soon! Don’t forget to tell me which belt is your personal favourite and how you would style it! xxx

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